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  1. martsum

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Seasons 3 & 4

    Please add in dashcam and rumble trigger support!
  2. martsum

    Dirt Rally dashcam

    Why did Codie's change this from DR 1? Please add in the dashcam from Dirt Rally into Dirt Rally 2.0. The current one is barely any different to the cockpit view.
  3. martsum

    PC controllers for upcoming F1 2019 game

    Xbox one elite wireless is the best. Otherwise, any other xbox controller for PC.
  4. martsum

    What tracks would you like to see(back)

    Not gonna happen... 12 Incredible Racing Locations – Compete in intense wheel-to-wheel races on iconic city streets, world-famous circuits, and beautiful point-topoints, featuring Havana, Shanghai, Brands Hatch, Indianapolis, and many more, with multiple routes at each location and varied time of day and weather conditions: China – Zhejiang Circuit, Shanghai, Circuit, Street Track Malaysia – Sepang International, Circuit, Circuit Japan – Okutama, Circuit United Kingdom – Brands Hatch, Silverstone Circuit, Circuit, Circuit Spain – Barcelona, Street Track United States – San Francisco, Indianapolis, Crescent Valley (fictional), Street Track, Circuit, Circuit Cuba – Havana, Street Track Australia – Sydney Motorsport Park, Circuit
  5. Really hope this is added for PC, it's in F1 but not in Dirt Rally 2.0 and it's such an important factor.