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  1. Mark008

    F1 2019 A disaster.

    So you did all this trial without playing the game? Because in the end you say that you will only buy when it is for 5 dollars, so I can conclude that you did not buy and also did not play? Learn that this is a game, impossible to portray 100% reality, I agree that many things can improve, but to say that the game is worse without even having played is at least a great mimimi.
  2. Mark008

    F1 2019 Career news & gameplay

    I agree, I think it's very good, it will give you more immersion in career mode and it makes things fun, it will be nice to see the exchange of drivers between teams that are not just us, even if it's a fictitious pilot, I see it as a great addition to career mode.
  3. Yes I understand, but in the case it would be customizable, that is, you would put it in the way that would be most pleasing to you, in case here is that in the consoles we will be limited to not being able to customize, as I said in another post we do not have to please the side A nor the side B being, putting the customization, each one will play in the way that pleases you.
  4. Guys ,I created this post asking for help and also your opinion on the issue of HUD being able to be customizable on PC and on other platforms is not possible. Please, I am not here to cause any type of controversy, respect to all the platforms and I only think unfair because I play in the console and I feel hurt by knowing that I am paying for the game but I will receive it with different options of another platform, being that this is something I asked for a lot here in the forum. Many may think that it is just a matter of HUD, but there is no plausible justification for Codemasters' decision not to put the option, you may see this as useless, but for me it would be a very good thing, since since the previous Games F1, I would like to have this option. Thanks everyone, if I made a mistake or did something that is against the policies of the forum, I'm sorry.
  5. Mark008

    F1 2019 - Customisation Suggestions

    Your post is well organized and explained, congratulations. My suggestions are: - Given what you put in the freedom of being able to change the colors, I think it would be nice to have options of symbols and drawings to be able to customize, car, clothes, gloves and helmets, in my view this does not disturb any type of contractual problem and image, I know that putting sponsorships is complicated, but these things are just drawings, symbols, we can put letters and numbers too, it would be nice to have our helmet with our name and also Numbers, the visor would be cool to change the color, because in F1 real pilots have varied colors, some for example, use blue visors, others redder, etc. - In the driver's customization I think you've already said everything, about hair, eye color, skin color, I do not see what to add anymore, what you said would already be very top. Anyway, without prolonging much, I have only one thing to say, this game is outdated before it's even released, I hope they get these things at launch and listen to us because we are very active here in the forum, two years to develop something that, like you said in 10 minutes already managed to create a better idea is difficult to swallow, but we will see what will happen, although my hype has cooled quite a bit I will see in my hands to form a more solid conclusion, while I am only speaking based on that they have released. - Just to close, and as we are talking about customization, I reinforce my criticism of HUD, I do not see why in the PC it is customizable and in consoles, it does not have to be something that in the current consoles is not possible, to be sure, that all the information they have passed so far is the least to understand, finally, congratulations for the post and we hope that the game does not disappoint us on launch day, thank you.
  6. Mark008


    It's okay, I honestly did not expect it from Codemasters, a company that has evolved over time, was putting new things in the game, and whenever they released something related to the previous games it increased my desire to play, I was excited counting the days to the release, but this year (2019 version) every post that they are throwing discourages, instead of me being counting the days to play I am debating in my mind if I did silly to have made the pre sale. It's unbelievable that HUD issue, as far as I know, and my wallet even more, I also paid for the game, or is it just who plays on the paying PC? Or it has no one, or has for all, a platform to have an option that we are all asking the times, has even petitions for it, is unfair, not to say immoral. I honestly I repeat, did not expect this from Codemasters, nor will I also mention the issue of her not be divulging anything about the career mode, does not show what we want to see, nor will I attempt me this because already turned slapstick, thanks guys , we will exercise our consumer right and demand, as we have this right, each of us, we will require them to make an update at launch and also give us at least that option of being able to customize the HUD on consoles, I will not say that I have hope, because the disregard of Codemasters lately with us is very high but, like I said, we have our rights.
  7. How cool, you can say that this post of yours is a joke and put the correct post, because it is not possible such a thing, sincerely it is unbelievable that I read a post of these. How are you answering our questions? Seriously, how? In fact the questions remain and they have opened up more questions to be discussed. - Why can not you customize the HUD on consoles? Is that some joke? If so, I'm sorry, I did not find it funny, and what's the plausible explanation for that? Seriously this HUD does not swallow, I sincerely hope you change this idea until the launch and allow us consoles to also edit the HUD, somo players also ok? and I think we paid like everyone else for the game, right? - Answered "so many" questions that my doubts about the career mode is the same as yesterday and since always, you have answered only things that you have already released in other opportunities, joke, just a joke. - You are playing with your consumers, I am a fan of your game and F1, I have always bought since 2010, but I can not and should not accept this negligence, I made my pre sale, I was betting on your game but I start to see that I made a bad choice to buy in advance, if this is the way they want to respond to the feedback they receive then it will probably be the last F1 game I buy from you Codemasters, I apologize to the community if anyone feels offended by what I I'm writing here, but it's revolting, a hug to everyone.
  8. - Pilot customization system, better - More freedom of customization of the helmet (it can put designer, color of visors, fictitious sponsorships to have no problem of license) - A camera option inside the helmet. - Improved AI (More aggressive and also more likely to make mistakes, especially in the rain). - New and better (bigger) cutscenes, mainly on the podium, and much more when you win a championship. - Hud optional so we can choose between the current model of Codemasters and the model in which we can see the position of the 20 pilots on the track. (And also have the option to show the names abbreviated and not complete) - Career mode more "relevant" with the game, especially the storytellers and the press, having a more realistic interaction with what is happening in the season. - Out of racing in career mode, have something like an (news) feed of news or emails, twitter, where rumors of transfers could arise, and also come out news related to the season, would also be legal terms followers, as it is in the mode the day of FIFA 19. - In the interviews more options of responses and bigger impacts depending on the response. - Changing the contract system, leaving it more realistic, it would be cool to make it more geared towards the system that FIFA 19 uses, where you negotiate directly with the player, in this case pilot (ie I as a pilot) with the team, It would also be interesting if you could ask your agent to probe other teams and see the odds of you getting a contract, for example, you asked her to probe Ferrari, since you would be driving in Haas after a few weeks, or races, she came back with some information and with a percentage of transfer chance, the same could happen in the case of contract, you could ask her to go after another team and after some time she came with the positive or negative response, in the meantime, rumors of his exit from the current team in the feed I quoted above might emerge and the press also ask about it. - Return of the option to simulate the race after it has started. - Pre-season (giving you the chance to win some points before the season starts, this being optional for those who do not want to). - Trophy room. - Option to see the setup of your teammate's car. - Place more appropriate interviews, especially when you win the race. - More options to test in free practice, because after a while it gets very repetitive. - Improve damage in the car, not only break the front wing and the wheels. I think that's it ...
  9. Mark008


    Exactly, why do you have to please only side A or side B, which can please both? It does not make sense for them not to give us this option which, I believe, is not so hard to do.
  10. Mark008

    Helmet editor

    exactly, Codemasters, listen to us, you say that they hear the community feedback, now is the time to show us this
  11. If Codemasters is not "afraid" to show you then, you are talking about things that she may show, many here are debating based on what she has shown us so far, the moment she shows a career mode trailer, the novelties, functions, there you can be sure that I do not say anything else, but I, at this moment, as a consumer and fan, I criticize without fear of making mistakes because it is my money that she wants to "catch" right? So we should rather charge, and charge a lot and I do not agree to wait, let's hope to launch to collect? I believe that if we charge now maybe she even listens to us, because apparently you did not play the previous ones, the 2018 has bug until today not tidy, so sorry friend, but charging is the most correct thing to do at that moment.
  12. Serious Codemasters? Is that what you have to show us? Is this what you have for a game two years ago being developed? Where is the career mode? Where are the news? Is this how you want to convince us to buy the game? it seems, in my opinion, that right now you do not want us to buy the game, why this teaser there, yes teaser, there is no way to call it that trailer, it only served to cool the hype of the galley, please read it here and REALLY listen to our feedback and let the news of the career way okay?