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  1. Mark008

    F1 2019 A disaster.

    So you did all this trial without playing the game? Because in the end you say that you will only buy when it is for 5 dollars, so I can conclude that you did not buy and also did not play? Learn that this is a game, impossible to portray 100% reality, I agree that many things can improve, but to say that the game is worse without even having played is at least a great mimimi.
  2. Mark008


    It's okay, I honestly did not expect it from Codemasters, a company that has evolved over time, was putting new things in the game, and whenever they released something related to the previous games it increased my desire to play, I was excited counting the days to the release, but this year (2019 version) every post that they are throwing discourages, instead of me being counting the days to play I am debating in my mind if I did silly to have made the pre sale. It's unbelievable that HUD issue, as far as I know, and my wallet even more, I also paid for the game, or is it just who plays on the paying PC? Or it has no one, or has for all, a platform to have an option that we are all asking the times, has even petitions for it, is unfair, not to say immoral. I honestly I repeat, did not expect this from Codemasters, nor will I also mention the issue of her not be divulging anything about the career mode, does not show what we want to see, nor will I attempt me this because already turned slapstick, thanks guys , we will exercise our consumer right and demand, as we have this right, each of us, we will require them to make an update at launch and also give us at least that option of being able to customize the HUD on consoles, I will not say that I have hope, because the disregard of Codemasters lately with us is very high but, like I said, we have our rights.
  3. Mark008


    Exactly, why do you have to please only side A or side B, which can please both? It does not make sense for them not to give us this option which, I believe, is not so hard to do.