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  1. GavinMac

    Car tuning in multiplayer

    Autosport tuning you had a good idea what it would do to the car, with 2019 tuning it feels to me like random stabs in the dark as to what effect it will have. What was wrong with the Autosport tuning areas?
  2. Yeah its horrible and the excuse that cars should look worn after being raced several times is nonsense, what racing team puts cars on the grid that are not spotless, showing the team and sponsors at its best.
  3. I have reset all my cars to default because I spent a night racing with cars on bad setups and it sucked just doing pirouettes at every corner
  4. Also changed my steam review to recommended as this was the biggest issue that needed attention.
  5. GavinMac

    Not On My Screen!

    Just wondering how many experience this, we have some great bumper to bumper racing but every so often there is a moment where your opponent screams down the voice complaining of being rammed or pushed off and the "not on my screen" response. Its like there is a momentary lag/de-sync that's not noticeable to the players other than there is contact on one where the other player has a good separation between cars. It's something we noticed with project cars 2, since you could save the replays on that we were able to compare car positions at the time of impact, with grid I recorded a race and saw no contact when there was a lot of rage from one racer. "not on my screen" is something that affected autosport too but often just put down as an excuse for being a dirty bas!!! 😛
  6. Looking good, just one addition for next patch if possible, limit grid size on custom please.
  7. you can play it next weekend 😜 You always want to make changes at the start of the week so there are people around to fix things if anything goes wrong, if a patch is released on a Friday then there is no one around until Monday.
  8. GavinMac

    Patch 1.1 Notes

    My guess would be Feb 6th for the next patch and Season 2
  9. GavinMac

    RaceNet No stats

    I thought they just use it to collect the lap times for comparing in-game with friends but they probably use steam id for that, I haven't found any reason for it other than maybe, just maybe they looked at autosport early on and thought they would copy what was there but then had collective amnesia over what a multiplayer experience was.
  10. GavinMac

    Damage not extreme enough

    the damage deformation has been increased in skirmish it seems, you have to keep hitting the car off a wall gently to get the damage up and get the car smoking with the damage indicators coming on, otherwise it just resets you. I haven't seen the damage indicator in races yet though, even with 3 wheels on my wagon!
  11. GavinMac

    Latest on community-requested multiplayer changes

    What autosport had was almost perfect, that is the direction we want to go but obviously codemasters wont get there in one patch.
  12. GavinMac

    Quick multiplayer update

    Thanks Chris, when it comes to sense-checking, get them to take a quick look at how things are done in autosport first, no need to reinvent the wheel!! 😜 example... we may want to limit the number of joiners.
  13. GavinMac

    Multiplayer Issues...

    Lujiazui Eight Ring is fine now, tested it a number of times on friday with 4/5 players.
  14. GavinMac

    Multiplayer Issues...

    Just tested with two of us and it worked, first time selecting the track since season 1, will test on Friday with more players just to make sure.
  15. GavinMac

    Multiplayer Issues...

    @ChrisGrovesMCM any news on Lujiazui Eight Ring?