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  1. GavinMac

    Share Your Favourite GRID Photos & Videos!

    Its in replay but its down to luck for getting the angle you want.
  2. GavinMac

    Share Your Favourite GRID Photos & Videos!

    Hopefully the first update makes our cars nice and shiny again!
  3. GavinMac

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Can already do that, the issue is if you only have 3-4 friends who play, we want others to join the session. Currently our only option is to have "friends only" or "invite only", which is utterly pointless.
  4. Sadly it will be more of a case of the developers who have blood and sweat invested in the game losing the fight make the game they want and forced to get it out the door by people higher up. Then there is the issue of multi platform release where we have seen many times before, that designing for console holds back the pc version. The coders have done a fantastic job on the game, just look at the screenshots, it just should of been released to early access and not kick out the door to get money. I'm sure it would make more money and be more popular being early access and gaining community support.
  5. Tweaks wont cut it in multiplayer, allowing private games to be set as open and having quick match people join our lobbies would help all involved.
  6. GavinMac

    WOW Mediocre reviews ...

    Mixed reviews is fair, the issue is if you bought this for single player then 9/10 despite the bugs, if you bought it for years of multiplayer then honestly 1/10, there is just too much missing from multiplayer at this time even without the bugs. Multiplayer could be up there as the racing we have had, despite people jump starting has been close and fun but we want others to join our races.
  7. usually too much sweat on the visor for me to notice 😛
  8. Notice how the crowd jumps back when you hit the wall
  9. GavinMac

    POLL | Race Driver: Grid - Remastered

    GAS was almost perfect, things I would of liked to see in it were best lap always showing in hud, replays and save them in multiplayer (pc2 has this)
  10. GavinMac

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Yeah, feel sorry for Chris, it will be more like battlefield than grid for him right now. The coders have done an amazing job of the game so far, hopefully we can give them time to finish it.
  11. GavinMac

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    A suggestion you can take, fire senior management, the coders have created something really promising but it has been kicked out the door unfinished, untested and missing some basic multiplayer features that even toca 2 had! When management doesn't like a game it gets a quiet release or even punted to early access like dirt, Grid was getting a quiet release until everyone got excited and all of a sudden it was delayed for promotion.
  12. There is also a figure of 8 track that you cannot race at in multiplayer, if you do then you get stuck in viewing the field and have to alt-f4
  13. GavinMac

    GRID 2019 - If you had one wish...

    we need to know they are listening or it will be back to autosport with its far superior multiplayer.
  14. GavinMac

    GRID Essentials - Multiplayer Details

    First go at multiplayer as a group and very frustrated. 4 of us racing, 2 get a head start and at the end the person crossing the line first comes 2nd in ranking, happens nearly every race with one of the hosters. Levels of lag far higher for our connection limited player than in autosport. 4/5 of us normally race together, we want to race together, in autosport we would be able to join a session as a group or set up a private set of races that were open for others to join. what gave autosport such staying power for us was the fact that people like sir.smoke would join our races, cant do either with what we have. I'm sure these issues will be addressed but its frustrating that it seems to be a massive step back from autosport and effort been placed in skirmish instead.