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  1. Take Two make some great games, look at how much value for money GTA5 has been, so did CM... years ago! Currently CM isnt much better than EA in my opinion, My friends and I fell foul of the Grid 2019 money grab and looks like Dirt 5 is on a par to that! Hopefully T2 wil purge some of the management and give us the games we deserve!
  2. well, when the game was released there was massive multiplayer issues and so few track you were just bored to death, we got some tracks with the seasons and that helped but look at the game, still fewer tracks than autosport! you have the sprint mode but there is only 1 sprint track!
  3. another 5 tracks and you could forgive a lot of the shortcomings
  4. The racing is good but if the game is all that you say then why are you asking for tracks 😜 The biggest problem with Grid 2020 has always been the complete lack of tracks, there is no chance there will be any more as codemasters has dumped the game. We could always ignore all the other issues if we had content!
  5. no, the game has been dumped by codemasters now, only updates for promotional money grabbing
  6. I would of settled to a sequel to autosport, maybe that is PC3 but it sure as heck wasn't grid 2019
  7. Autosport is everything 2019 should of been based on, will likely be going back to it soon as a multiplayer racing while drunk game it is almost perfect. Sad that we are now relegated to "Off-Topic"
  8. would understand if they dont want to fork out for licenses but then why only one sprint track, why no chicago, cost of licensing was just an excuse at launch to not bother to give the game any chance, its like all the budget went on alonso and they just had to kick the game out the door and move on.
  9. Played codemasters games since Toca 2, still got the CD in a box, it was great at the time. A group of us picked up Grid and was brilliant for multiplayer and it became our weekly race, Grid 2 was good but had flaws, the loss of text chat in lobbies was sad, ofc we preorderd GAS and never looked back. What we liked was the large range of tracks and cars, racing while drunk was good, the driver rating caused many an argument... dirtiest of us never changed from white!!! As a game it was complete, ofc it had flaws like the garage system but it was only when project cars 2 came
  10. You could use any car on any track on autosport couldn't you? could also tune your car between races for different track types. 2019 on release there wasn't even public lobbies, if you wanted to race with others you had join random with AI
  11. It might actually be a good Grid game since it doesn't use the current codemasters graphics engine and was created by a team that knows what people expect in a game.
  12. Congrats @PJTierney now you can abandon the game/community like the rest of Codemasters team. Sorry that we did not manage our expectations better, we thought more of Codemasters! Didn't bother providing a game with proper multiplayer setup! Didn't bother with providing a good range of cars/tracks on release! Didn't bother implementing damage system properly! Didn't bother with different race formats! Couldnt even be bothered to tell us if there are plans for future content or bug fixes! Rather than the "Manage Expectations" line we get, maybe it should be "
  13. so... Memorial Run Marine Gate Columbus Bay Cathedral Pass Fountain Loop High Street  .... 😜
  14. you need to highlight to get any help from CM i think... @CMTGK
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