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    GRID Season 3 - Arriving April 15th

    Doesn't exactly manage expectations to say substantial and then it only be a little pointless tweak that is several months late.
  2. GavinMac

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Looks like Season 3 is not the end of things for Grid 2019, if thats the case @CMTGK then please please please can the team look at sorting some of the mistakes with the game like inability to tune between races, not being able to see what the track configurations are in the event, lack of tracks ofc, lack of race modes. I know graphics LOD/trees will never get fixed with this engine but if we could at least get the gameplay side of things sorted.
  3. GavinMac

    GRID Season 3 - Coming this month

    and good racing/handling suffering from no real multiplayer at launch
  4. GavinMac

    GRID Season 3 - Coming this month

    Always said, Cars look great, actual racing/handling is good. time of day/night/rain is good and a couple of the new tracks are good, on screen lap timings are a welcome change. Quicker to list the positives than what was wrong or bad.
  5. GavinMac

    GRID Season 3 - Coming this month

    Lets just be clear, after the way codemasters has treated the Grid franchise and the community with this release and slamming the community over managing our expectations, the attempts to keep details secret to "maintain excitement" and the refusal to give us any information on the future direction of the game is just rubbing salt in the wounds and leads us to believe that Grid will be tossed in the bin of half baked game releases. If Codemasters does return to the Grid franchise, ditch the graphics engine!
  6. GavinMac

    GRID Season 3 - Coming this month

    So when is 'Grid - Sorry Edition' due out?
  7. GavinMac

    Manage your expectations 🏁🏎🚥

    @CMTGK Please manage our expectations, I have asked several times and not gotten an answer. Can we expect any additional content (tracks) after season 3 or is season 3 the end?? our expectations were great for Grid given the quality of the previous games, we certainly did not expect what we got!
  8. GavinMac

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    When should we expect season 3 and what happens after season 3, is that it? no more?
  9. Grid 2019 isn't a bad game, it has good handling/racing but clearly no one in the team had played Autosport to see what the community would expect in a game. IF they had given us tons of locations and a good range of cars then they could of been forgiven for all the other failings but when you get bored of racing so few locations you start looking deeper. They couldn't even bother their backsides to give us more than one sprint location!
  10. It all comes down to, sucks to be a PC gamer, we spend a fortune building something that defecates over consoles and then we are subjected to games that are built to a console standard. Games should be built for PC graphical resources and then adjusted for console.
  11. GavinMac

    GRID 2019 - When is Split Screen Coming?

    I was optimistic and supportive of CM when the game was first released, its been hard to remain so and this last few weeks broke me. I hope CM prove us wrong but it seems the guys never played Autosport and just came up with the least viable product for release with the idea that if it sells well then it gets a lifeline.
  12. Was playing Autosport tonight with the guys, sitting on the starting line with good looking trees waving in the breeze! SIGH!
  13. <shadows enabled="false" skyShadowMapSize="1024" skyShadowCascadeCount="4" skyShadowLowLod="false" worldShadowMapSize="1024" skyShadowMap32Bits="false" nightShadowMapSize="1024" nightShadowCharacterCast="true" nightShadowSourceCount="4" sampling="1" spotShadowMapSize="1024" spotShadowSampling="1" crowdInShadows="false" /> shadows enabled="false" try that, i dont see any difference other than there is no annoying lod shadow!
  14. If you think about Crysis, you had the graphics settings that they thought you should play it on Low/Med/High but they also allowed you to max everything out leading to the saying 'but can it run crysis?' You can build games that run on my old GTX970 but that doesn't mean you forget those who have a RTX2080, we will tweak the settings to best suit our rig and preference!
  15. I see the screenshots showing the beauty of Grid, we dont race in replay and those cams though. In terms of managing expectations we have learned the hard way, played Autosport for 6 years as a group, we tried to dip into asseta and pc2 but kept coming back because of the ease of GAS multiplayer and controller racing. There was great excitement when 2019 was announced and we hoped for a worthy successor of Autosport, everything good about Autosport but with new features like sector/lap timings, multiplayer replay, weather, pitstops, new tracks and in reality upon release we barely got multiplayer and that hurt!
  16. GavinMac

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    You are right, very dark!
  17. GavinMac

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Autosport has cockpit view!!!
  18. too much off topic discussion, take it to a new thread rather imo!
  19. moderate the hell out of this thread and grow up people... up100 is not a codemasters employee
  20. GavinMac

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Hi TheChibberd, the driving model is really good and that is what saves the game. Lack of tracks has been frustrating and the excuse of licensing is bull since there are plenty tracks in the grid series that are city or fictional, why leave them out, though big sur with these trees :shudders: The other stuff could be fixed to make the game perfect if codemasters listens to us and looks back at how it was done in Autosport, so far they have listened but not doing so well at the implementation, like adding tuning in skirmish but cant tune before a race in a multiplayer event (you dont know what track variations are in the event). Though the graphics issues I doubt we will get a fix for, we may have to make do with a game that background graphics look worse than the original grid. Enjoy the game, just don't look too closely at it!
  21. Would be nice for Codemasters @CMTGK to make a statement to explain why we have graphics #LikeNoOther.... who knows, they might have nice graphics and we are just getting a messed up copy! Any reason why in track terrain_textures there is only a low_lod folder? anyone noticed if the lod setting actually does anything?
  22. no its just fubar, maybe if we looked at it from very far away it would look better!