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  1. #LikeNoOther looking great!! oh **** thats GRID2 (2013)
  2. TBH I doubt they gave it any thought, much like the multiplayer in GRID 2019 😜
  3. Sure, cant blame codemasters trying to protect some of its IP though.
  4. Some of it will be to stop cheating, used to be bad in some grid games with teleporting or over-speed racers but in reality the changes will be due to new coding/modeling/engine software that is better designed for collaboration and change management over the different gaming platforms.
  5. Had to have a giggle UP100, you are right, usually these changes are done to lower files sizes and for new engines but this is where codemasters is right now... Grid Autosport... 15GB Grid 2019... 73GB Considering how many more tracks and cars GAS has and the better quality graphics... I am going to need a bigger hard drive if we get more content... 73GB is GTAV territory!
  6. I understand that but he is still posting in grid forums.. would think there would be a handover period too, either way people need to focus on the issues and stop trying to distract or change the subject. ps4 pricing is not on topic for this thread.
  7. I hope that @CMTGK and @ChrisGrovesMCM read this thread and relayed the stupidity to the team regarding tuning in skirmish only and us not being able to see what the event details are... If the team wont go play Autosport for a reference point, how about going and playing any other racing game, why does grid2019 have to be different from every other game in history!!
  8. Seriously, could the team just take a week out and play Autosport multiplayer so they can have a point of reference, the event details screen in GAS multiplayer... can click on the track to see number of laps, this event list is prime example of why you would want to be able to change tuning before each race, Mount Panorama on short gears would be murder, next race is Chicago where you want short.
  9. Sorry but changing car tuning setup in skirmish is pointless, we don't know what the tracks will be, sure we can see the location but not which variation, usually we would have 4 races lined up and you might want short gears for Paris and long for Silverstone for example. If you mess up the setup when in skirmish you have 4 races to play before you can fix it. I don't see why we couldn't still have a variable hold screen between each race for tweaking setup like in every other grid game. Constantly reinventing the wheel here ffs!
  10. Got to be impressed with the level of detail in GAS
  11. IMO i don't think its a texture issue, probably just settings in the code like LOD that are screwed down so tight that nothing past the track barriers are getting drawn with any high detail/polygon count due to engine performance.
  12. got this but nfi what im doing or even if its the proper one..
  13. At the end of the day, with a few exceptions these are all things you shouldn't notice or be bothered about because you are meant to be hammering it around the track and looking where you are going and not sight seeing. The issue is there is so much that is lacking in the game compared to previous Grids that you have no choice but to compare and see is it really #LikeNoOther and the answer is yes, it really isn't like any other, its so much worse. Off the top of my head: Fewer game modes, missing are: elimination, endurance, checkpoint, drift, drag, demo Fewer tracks, only 1 sprint (cant be licensing). Lower quality gfx... see above Botched multiplayer: slowly getting fixed but needs more settings like limit grid size and no tuning or lobby text chat. **** car tuning: maybe just me but i prefer gearing, front/rear suspension, downforce, ride height. Totally broken damage system. What 2019 has got going for it imo: Weather/time of day Track limits penalties Car handling
  14. Done a little photoshoot, sorry to those with OCD.... For absolute fairness, set both games to ultra detail. Running a poor old GTX 970 on a I7-3930K... 2019 was at 40ish fps and 2014 was at 90ish fps.
  15. GavinMac

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    In the tracks packages folder we have had Yas Marina since the game release, its pretty much empty, that track would be an good pairing with hypercars. Paris and RBR didn't have a place holder folder.
  16. seriously??? my ar... would look pixelated if you zoom in enough!!!
  17. GavinMac

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Looks like it's going to be Yas Marina!
  18. I think one thing we are forgetting is Autosport had a HD texture pack as free DLC, with this grid the PC gamers are pretty much stuck with 'Made for Console' as happens for many multi platform releases, still surprising that a lot of the assets in GAS look better while having a higher FPS than 2019.
  19. GavinMac

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Well there are enough tracks and cars not carried over from GAS that can be used to milk some DLC for a few more seasons
  20. GavinMac

    Welcome to the new GRID

    #LikeNoOther Autosport, not 2019 😛 Big question i have is what happens after Season 3... is that it, does the game get abandoned or will there be continued DLC, development and support so we get the game #NearlyAsGood
  21. GavinMac

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    After racing 2019 tonight we did a few races on GAS, while the gfx and engine is a small step up, it is not 6 years worth of a step up and everything else is a massive step back.
  22. GavinMac

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    I would really like Grid to focus a little and actually having a story base, like you start career in touring cars and promote to dtm or something. problem is that requires tracks 😕 2020 BTTC season: 28-29 Mar Donington Park 11-12 Apr Brands Hatch Indy 25-26 Apr Silverstone National 16-17 May Thruxton 13-14 Jun Oulton Park 25-26 Jul Snetterton 15-16 Aug Croft 29-30 Aug Knockhill 26-27 Sep Silverstone International 10-11 Oct Brands Hatch GP