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  1. EA will sell you an F1 game where the wheels are DLC
  2. Take Two make some great games, look at how much value for money GTA5 has been, so did CM... years ago! Currently CM isnt much better than EA in my opinion, My friends and I fell foul of the Grid 2019 money grab and looks like Dirt 5 is on a par to that! Hopefully T2 wil purge some of the management and give us the games we deserve!
  3. GavinMac

    GRID the most underrated car game

    well, when the game was released there was massive multiplayer issues and so few track you were just bored to death, we got some tracks with the seasons and that helped but look at the game, still fewer tracks than autosport! you have the sprint mode but there is only 1 sprint track!
  4. GavinMac

    GRID the most underrated car game

    another 5 tracks and you could forgive a lot of the shortcomings
  5. GavinMac

    GRID the most underrated car game

    The racing is good but if the game is all that you say then why are you asking for tracks 😜 The biggest problem with Grid 2020 has always been the complete lack of tracks, there is no chance there will be any more as codemasters has dumped the game. We could always ignore all the other issues if we had content!
  6. GavinMac

    New season

    no, the game has been dumped by codemasters now, only updates for promotional money grabbing
  7. GavinMac

    The future of Grid

    I would of settled to a sequel to autosport, maybe that is PC3 but it sure as heck wasn't grid 2019
  8. GavinMac

    What we like in the next GRID game

    The sad thing is what we would like in the next grid game starts not with what 2019 had but what Grid Autosport has. Autosport has everything you would want but needed improved upon, I mean who would of thought being able to tune your car in between races in multiplayer... such a crazy concept!, or being able to see what the race configurations are before a multiplayer event! Project cars 2 had a lot of what I would like to see being added, ability to save replays so you can do a photo shoot/video of the action, plenty of tracks, lots of tuning options. I would like to see the ability to make your own liveries like you could in APB and then be able to apply them to all cars at once or share with your mates.
  9. GavinMac

    Grid Forums

    @CMTGK @PJTierney I shouldn't need to remind Codemasters that you are still selling Grid games, it is still part of your portfolio and people are still looking for support on steam forums with now dead links to help, you may of abandoned them but we havent, the grid forums were not removed when Codemasters fell out of love with Autosport!! When you declared that we should "Manage Expectations" well... SMH!!!!
  10. GavinMac

    Still playing grid autosport

    Autosport is everything 2019 should of been based on, will likely be going back to it soon as a multiplayer racing while drunk game it is almost perfect. Sad that we are now relegated to "Off-Topic"
  11. Shocking that the Grid forums have been deleted, shame on Codemasters!! Release a half finished game as a money grab and delete all trace and support!!!
  12. GavinMac

    The future of Grid

    would understand if they dont want to fork out for licenses but then why only one sprint track, why no chicago, cost of licensing was just an excuse at launch to not bother to give the game any chance, its like all the budget went on alonso and they just had to kick the game out the door and move on.
  13. http://blog.codemasters.com/community/06/codies-racing-line-june-25-2020/ "GRID’s community has been at the heart of all the tweaks and changes made since launch and despite Season 3 being the final season of GRID, every bit of feedback – whether that’s from the Codemasters Forums or across the web – will be passed on for future entries in the series. Whilst this will be GRID’s last inclusion in the Racing Line for a while, it certainly won’t be the last you hear from us. We’ll be keeping the conversation going on our socials, so make sure you’re following on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for all the latest news on the GRID series."
  14. Its never going to happen, they have announced that the game and community has now been abandoned, there are many *** feature omissions that they didn't bother rectifying.
  15. GavinMac

    The future of Grid

    Played codemasters games since Toca 2, still got the CD in a box, it was great at the time. A group of us picked up Grid and was brilliant for multiplayer and it became our weekly race, Grid 2 was good but had flaws, the loss of text chat in lobbies was sad, ofc we preorderd GAS and never looked back. What we liked was the large range of tracks and cars, racing while drunk was good, the driver rating caused many an argument... dirtiest of us never changed from white!!! As a game it was complete, ofc it had flaws like the garage system but it was only when project cars 2 came out that we longed for new stuff like sector times and ability to save replays. The thoughts of what is expected in racing games these days and how good past grid games were had peaked our expectations, I mean why would you release a game that did not have public/private lobbies, weekly racenet challenges, car tuning in multiplayer (between races ffs!!!), the ability to see event details like track variation, laps etc while in the lobby. I mean I know we got the now famous line 'Manage expectations' but they were splashing Alonso's face everywhere to get the hype train going!! Grid 2019 had so much potential, the racing is good, cars look good, sounds great, graphic look good in the darker hours, but then you start listing the failings, lack of tracks, all the multiplayer focus put on skirmish and not on what is expected in a mp game, no public lobbies on launch, no tuning between races, inability to see what the host has selected, LOD issues and poor quality asset textures, lack of race types... fundamental stuff! Single player does not give a game staying power, people don't spend bucket loads on ACC etc for single player and AI! If Codemasters fixed most of these issues and released a track pack DLC I'm sure most of us would buy it, hell, we still only have 1 sprint track! Sadly though I don't see the same community engagement that we get from other studios, they don't communicate future plans or aims for the game, wouldn't it be nice to know if there was going to be any future seasons?
  16. We can only hope for Grid 2021, 2019 looks good when you set it to dusk/night etc, you cant see the lower quality assets so much, the racing is good too so there is a lot of promise there but not a lot of thought or commitment. Really wish we could tune our cars between races in mp but "manage expectations"
  17. GavinMac

    The future of Grid

    You could use any car on any track on autosport couldn't you? could also tune your car between races for different track types. 2019 on release there wasn't even public lobbies, if you wanted to race with others you had join random with AI
  18. GavinMac

    Grid Cars 3

    It might actually be a good Grid game since it doesn't use the current codemasters graphics engine and was created by a team that knows what people expect in a game.
  19. GavinMac

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Congrats @PJTierney now you can abandon the game/community like the rest of Codemasters team. Sorry that we did not manage our expectations better, we thought more of Codemasters! Didn't bother providing a game with proper multiplayer setup! Didn't bother with providing a good range of cars/tracks on release! Didn't bother implementing damage system properly! Didn't bother with different race formats! Couldnt even be bothered to tell us if there are plans for future content or bug fixes! Rather than the "Manage Expectations" line we get, maybe it should be "CBA"
  20. Seems Codemaster forgot grid existed when they released this abomination, now season 3 has been released it also seems that the game and community has been abandoned with no information from Codemasters if there will be any future patches or content. It was released with a fraction of tracks/cars, no real thought on what is needed for multiplayer and a downgrade in graphics from Autosport.
  21. GavinMac

    The future of Grid

    so... Memorial Run Marine Gate Columbus Bay Cathedral Pass Fountain Loop High Street  .... 😜
  22. you need to highlight to get any help from CM i think... @CMTGK
  23. you have to select your car at least twice, its pathetic that CM have done nothing to fix this since release! If you dont then you may end up with loaner car or wrong livery!
  24. GavinMac

    Manage your expectations 🏁🏎🚥

    its more like 'we dont respect you enough to give you any information' "We’re not done with GRID yet, so please feel free to join in with the conversation on the official GRID Forums and on our Discord. " that's as much as there is!
  25. GavinMac

    CODEMASTERS you are alone.

    we dont need a remaster, we just need them to look at previous titles and realise that half the tracks, half the features, half the graphics is not acceptable!