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  1. i'd rather have more grid something looks really off with the graphics in PC3 and i bet it has that awful camera shake like PC2 did it's a PASS for me at the moment
  2. It's not just Ryzen either - got a mate who can no longer play the game using an i7-930. Every other game working fine. Crashes every time at launch - what's changed in this patch please CodeMasters?
  3. django|UKMD

    Manage your expectations 🏁🏎🚥

    I would still buy more DLC if there are a decent number of tracks and cars in the packs AND they commit to keep improving the game
  4. django|UKMD

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    lol wut 🚮
  5. <postprocess motionBlur="false" godRays="true" depthOfField="true" lensStreak="false" lensFlare="false" lensDust="true" bloom="false" /> <shadows enabled="false" skyShadowMapSize="2048" skyShadowCascadeCount="4" skyShadowLowLod="false" worldShadowMapSize="2048" skyShadowMap32Bits="true" nightShadowMapSize="2048" nightShadowCharacterCast="true" nightShadowSourceCount="4" sampling="2" spotShadowMapSize="1024" spotShadowSampling="2" crowdInShadows="false" /> <smoke_shadows enabled="true" mapSize="512" opacity="1.0" envOpacity="0.45" updateRate="2" />
  6. Try removing motion blur by editing the hardware config XML file. You might be surprised by the results. Point is why are the options in that file not in a menu in-game???
  7. django|UKMD

    Manage your expectations 🏁🏎🚥

    I'm still waiting for the next GRID (2019) DLC Season Pass to be announced by the way CodeMasters keeping silent as ever, the cheeky rascals
  8. django|UKMD

    Manage your expectations 🏁🏎🚥

    The major firesale two months later was nice wasn't it? Especially for those who pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition 🤧 Perhaps if you are not going to shift as many copies, make a game people will continue to pay more for longer ...
  9. It's not a terrible game - just one with bare minimum content and features, abysmal testing before launch and a complete lack of understanding what a multiplayer driving game should offer to satisfy all types of racers. It should have built on what came before. The explanation from CM on the demands of the physics engine make logical sense and the new lighting and weather effects are (in my opinion) mostly a success. But my PC is not constrained for CPU/GPU resources ... I will always choose higher framerate over ultra graphics in a racing game, aiming for about 100 fps to get full control of the car. The low res trackside textures and awful shadow draw distance do not indicate a broken game, but should be fixed. Please let us decide the balance between framerate and graphics quality 🤝
  10. GRID (2019) was designed with the lowest common denominator in mind. Imagine if the PC version was making console look even worse than it is already 😄 But please, pretty please, give us a shadow draw distance option - if there is such a thing.
  11. There should be more options to tweak graphics settings on PC.
  12. We need CM to tell us where they are going from here, let's not rip each other apart here while we wait.
  13. This is how modern development process works - start with Minimum Viable Product, then build on that once you see some cash come in. Developers love it, consumers hate it.
  14. It really is pointless in skirmish and pointless if you cannot see the specific track variation in a hosted MP Amazing 🤣
  15. django|UKMD

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Please give us both, plus a few more as well