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  1. This is how modern development process works - start with Minimum Viable Product, then build on that once you see some cash come in. Developers love it, consumers hate it.
  2. It really is pointless in skirmish and pointless if you cannot see the specific track variation in a hosted MP Amazing 🤣
  3. django|UKMD

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Please give us both, plus a few more as well
  4. It passed the tree test!
  5. PS4 has hilariously bad hardware by modern PC standards, it's been out for years now. You need to set your expectations accordingly for new game releases. GRID looks and runs very well on PC, but is a shell of what it should have been for content and features.
  6. I could be wrong but does the amount of rain not change during a race or am I just imagining that? The video at the bottom of the mini shows the water effect on the bottom of the windscreen.
  7. django|UKMD

    GRID Season 2 Coming February 12 - Track Day Supercars

    Why is it take one or the other?
  8. django|UKMD

    GRID Season 2 Coming February 12 - Track Day Supercars

    This is why the tuning is needed before each race - you could still pick an "inferior" car and hopefully turn it into a winner Not disagreeing though that more choice would be good!
  9. django|UKMD

    GRID Season 2 Coming February 12 - Track Day Supercars

    Looks nice, how much extra was the Ultimate Edition again? I cannot wait until the 9 track pack lands in Season 3 with all the new textures
  10. django|UKMD

    Adjustable race length in Career - coming in Season 2

    it's certainly a risky business practise if everyone stops buying your games, but hey there is a new gamer born every day
  11. you do that while you are waiting in an MP lobby 📢🙉
  12. But, it's stylish?
  13. django|UKMD

    Car tuning in multiplayer

    You can tune the car before every race in SP, yet in MP you cant even see what tuning is set or change the tuning. Note you cannot tell what exact tracks the session leader has chosen for the MP session, only the general location of each track. You need to know the exact track variation to pick the right setup (gearing mainly).
  14. Seems not in this change, we can but hope in the next Season patch ...