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  1. kyussman

    Welcome to the new GRID

    I finally picked the game up today in the PSN sale for £22,it was the ultimate edition. I have had a weird relationship with this game as I had it pre-ordered from all the way back when it was announced but cancelled it just a day before release after seeing footage of base consoles and feeling there may be some serious issues with the game. Since then I had kind of forgotten about it other than checking out these forums once or twice to see what progress was being made with it. Anyway,I've been pretty bored with how life is at the moment and haven't had much to play.I was looking through the current PSN sale and spotted Grid,the sale ended tonight at midnight....so I did a quick search at what the dlc content had been and saw it was all now released. I don't usually impulse buy,but given the sale was ending very soon I figured £22 for the complete version would keep me entertained for a good while. I've played a few events now and the blurry visuals I saw at launch seem to have been fixed(I'm on a base PS4),there are lots of events now and I'll only be playing single player so that's great for me. I'm playing on hard with all assists turned off and it's a good challenge for me personally,so that's also good news. I know the game has disappointed many,and for good reason with the lack of content and dodgy visuals when compared to previous Grid games.....and I played Driveclub for three months solid so I know what a beautiful game looks like.....but I have to say my first impression has been a positive one and I think I'm gonna have a lot of fun with this game. At £70 back when I had the ultimate edition pre-ordered.....maybe not,but at £22 with all the content and patches(loving being able to set race distances),I think this is a pretty good investment.
  2. kyussman

    GRID Graphics Discussion

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ivk0mKKT1Ao&t=3870s Ok,just watched some back again. Very weird,one race had no crowd yet another race did....***.
  3. kyussman

    GRID Graphics Discussion

    I've just been watching The GamesDenTV playthrough on Youtube,he was previously playing on PC and has now switched to Xbox One S......Brands Hatch is a barren wasteland,no crowd at all...looks like a totally different game.I know it's the weakest console but I was taken aback by what I saw,it looks totally different and I'm now concerned about what base PS4 will look like because that's what I'll be playing on. Ok...have watched some more of this and there is a crowd on one race but on another there is none...very weird...a bug perhaps?
  4. kyussman

    GRID Essentials - Latest Gameplay Showcases

    Just watched some GameRiot footage on Youtube and he had a pretty big bug in one race.He came in third but the game placed him fourth by putting an AI in first place that wasn't there with a lap time about a minute faster,lol. Obviously a bug because the car wasn't even on the track in front of him and the time was impossible. Other than that the game looks good,hope that bug gets fixed though.
  5. kyussman

    GRID Graphics Discussion

    This last batch of Gamescom videos look off compared to previous ones for sure.I know devs like to show stuff on high end PC which I guess is what has been shown up to now.If this is what it looks like on console then that is certainly a lot poorer....no idea what system this is from though.
  6. kyussman

    Welcome to the new GRID

    At least with this latest batch of gameplay videos we can see that Codemasters have finally got to grips with their 'cockpit' issues,lol.It's funny because I used to be behind the car only but now I need that cockpit for immersion and it looks great in the new Grid....well done Codies!
  7. kyussman

    Grid (2019) Car Wishlist Thread.

    Season 1 of the dlc includes a hypercar track day pack....not sure if this is exclusive to the ultimate edition though.This was in the official fact sheet when the game was announced.Season 2 is racing hatch pack,season 3 GT.
  8. kyussman

    Welcome to the new GRID

    So,I've just been catching up on some Grid media on youtube etc and just wanted to say that the attention to detail is looking real good in this new game.I was watching a comparison of Grid and Forza 7 around Brands Hatch and the Grid footage really made it look like an event was going on with lots of trackside detail....the Forza footage just looked really flat in comparison. It's stuff like this that really brings a game to life for me so well done devs.
  9. kyussman

    GRID Essentials - Career Mode

    This career mode is looking pretty nice.Do we know how many difficulty settings there will be. Just seen one of the dev videos on youtube said their will be 5 difficulty settings so thats good.
  10. kyussman

    Welcome to the new GRID

    I assume the three dlc seasons will feature new tracks because there doesn't seem to be too many in the base game tbh.