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  1. Are you kidding? Wreckfest has one season pass that is cheaper overall than the Ultimate edition of this. Outside of that there are no micro transactions at all. And they keep adding free content in the form of new tracks as well.
  2. AaronDix

    There is so much missing ....

    Nah. It's because they predetermined the dlc packs before announcing the game and left it out of the main game to sell it off as extra
  3. AaronDix

    Grid 2019 IS EPIC CONGRATS You Guys!

  4. AaronDix

    WOW Mediocre reviews ...

    Hmmmm reading some of the comments here justifies my decision to hold off until the game is bargin basement and all the dlcs and updates are released.
  5. AaronDix

    Camaro in the Supercars championship...

    Might be a real thing later on down the track. Perhaps codemasrers are just ahead of the curve.
  6. AaronDix

    A new TOCA game?

    Yeah but it's still not a proper toca game with real teams drivers and more importantly a good roster of real circuits
  7. AaronDix

    A new TOCA game?

    Lol good luck with that!!!
  8. Personally if more real life circuits were added I would like to see ones that are not normally considered for other racing games. IE none of the current F1 roster of tracks. Being from New Zealand I was impressed with slightly mad studios adding Ruapuna into their games as an example.
  9. Probably heavily cost prohibited due to licencing. Given Codemasters probably put most of their budget into F1 games. Not much left in the tank after that.
  10. AaronDix

    Welcome to the new GRID

  11. AaronDix

    Welcome to the new GRID

    Now delayed until october 11th according to the grid facebook page cover picture
  12. Lol 2018 Falcon. It's not even a current Gen car then.
  13. Who said they have to be low quality if the game isn't rushed out. Turn 10 can do it. Polyphony can do it. Slightly mad studios can do it. I would rather have a deeper game that came out at christmas than a rushed cash grab that already has dlc announced.
  14. Sorry to disappoint but no. Only 12 locations world wide and a few of them are fictional street circuits. Sad to say but toca is a distant memory never to return.
  15. AaronDix

    FINALLY, GRID 2019!

    I just tried looking this up again and it seems the fact sheet has been removed. Perhaps codemasters are trying to bury it in a hole until the game release to fool as many people as possible into thinking they are getting more out of the game. To late for some I guess but plenty more will get sucked in.