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  1. PsychoAsian

    Level up!!Whats up!!

    Idk how many xp points I have lost, but I specifically remembering being rank 24 before the update nkw im back to being mid 23
  2. PsychoAsian

    Season pass worth it?

    Hey guys, with the mid season break coming up Ive been considering buying the season pass to catch up on some events that I missed due to work. But im wondering if it is even worth it? The car although very nice (I would chose the RB19) does not improve performance at all. Event rewards will not be given out only chance to improve points. And I will admit some of the events that I tried I just had horrible luck that some races I couldnt even met the min requirements. So is it really worth it? Bugs, penalty system, horrible drivers? While I love formula 1 and money is not a big issue do you guys think its even worth it to support a game that has been updating stuff that we dont ask for and ignoring the stuff we been asking for? thanks
  3. PsychoAsian

    Canada Race

    After every race it prompts me to update my ios which switches me to a different window and im forced to switch back to the game..