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  1. having exactly the same thing also, hopefully this is sorted soon, or if ts maintenance it needs to be mentioned afore hand for those with league races set up
  2. Blackmoon14

    car performance disparity

    well i think disregarding whatever if actually correct, the fact that weve had such a long discussion, where the answer isnt super clear, to me clearly shows that this could definitely be more clear for average player, and should not cause confusion like this in the first place, no?
  3. Blackmoon14

    car performance disparity

    it doesnt seem to have any direct effect on gameplay yet, but itd making it incredibly hard to work out where myteam is supposed to sit in car performance (and ai level as im still tweaking that to suit my driving capabilities) and everyone elses also. the performance of the other teams seems to be a mix of both graphs, though it is hard to tell because of driver skill and different cars suiting different tracks dependent on what the ai have chosen to upgrade in terms or engine/aero/chassis
  4. Blackmoon14

    car performance disparity

    in my 2nd season of myteam, and have noticed that there seems to be differences in peformance updates form karl in the message section compared to the season performance history. my team is the black line for reference. also noticed is aaravas 2nd season on youtube he also seems to have something similar anybody explain this? top cars in season performance are sitting around the 700 mark
  5. Blackmoon14

    Is there a way to edit weather in "leagues"?

    yes, but mine is locked to clear and midday for some reason, which i did not set it to, (it didnt give me the option when i started the game) and now it is locked and am unable to change. on bahrain at the moment doing midday and clear weather which is weird, cannot change it inbetween races
  6. Blackmoon14

    Is there a way to edit weather in "leagues"?

    i know this is not league related, but is anyone else unable to change weather in career mode? mine is stuck on clear