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  1. Thread to discuss changes in setup due to the new patch, havent had chance to jump on yet, but have seen others saying there have been changes, most obvious one being moving back to the 50% Brake bias not sure i agree with this but havent had time to check it out. Anybody else noticed any differences?
  2. ***** thats a solid piece of work there, again @marioho delivering the goods like an f1 god. it would be nice if the any of the devs could chime in or david greco and give us confirmation/ pointers with these kind of discussions to give validity to your work. thanks for all your work! 🙂 🙂
  3. did you post this in bugs section too?
  4. thanks for communicating to us @RedDevilKT and giving us an update as to what is going on, i think that if this was done more often people would be a lot happier that they are being kept in the loop and responded to
  5. yep, pretty disappointed by that patch too, not much we can do tbh
  6. woohoo thats great, clearly our extra comments helped move the issue along hahaha
  7. thats really sad, especially considering this is potentially game breaking and easily reproducable. hopefully they have seen it and havent replied....
  8. back here to confirm its definitely happening to me too now... 😞
  9. hmmm mine might be starting to do the same thing, after reading this thread i checked my driver market and everyone seems to be a downward trend in focus i hadnt noticed before, apart from it seems the myteam icons, who dont actively race. this definitely needs to he looked at
  10. yes i have, but no screenshotted it, ive had a red/pinky one and also a green fluoroscent one (ps4)
  11. exactly the same thing for me, i though t the game would be clever enough by me rejecting rivalries which are out my league and then give me some lower ones, but apparently not
  12. once again youtuber publicly pointing out the big flaws, some of which have been covered here by myself and plenty of others. he raisies some big points at the end, my main gripe (aside from the introduction of previously fixed issues/bugs is: where is the transparency? we have barely heard anything from devs or representatives about what is going, no news or updates on the things being worked or patches. i felt last year there was lots of information + communication coming from company, but i really feel we are being left in the dark about everything. even the occasional '
  13. dont be scared to go what feels like 'extreme' with ride height, move it up like 3 notches and see how that helps, ive definitely found it helps a lot with riding most kerbs
  14. yep same, its okay in SP as you have flashbacks, but ive been done by this a few times in league races, and its very frustrating
  15. yep ive posted this before on a few threads, its like the system has been 'dumbed down' a bit, i found it useful to see the all the data and comparisons between all the compounds of tyre
  16. yeah i mentioned this another post too i miss all the info from the race strat. especially being able to compare between compounds, its almost as if its been 'dumbed down'
  17. Blackmoon14


    the fact that people are confused and discussing this in threads, means its not clear enough. IMO descriptions need a (long overdue) overhaul so its very clear for everyone
  18. you know what, stick the ride height up a touch, lower suspension also, plenty of downforce, i actually didnt struggle as much as i thought i would at hungary, and that was in my s1 myteam car! maybe im just getting used to them, obv theres a few instaspin kerbs but there also were some last game too on that track
  19. yeah same some one should probably post a bug report....
  20. A detailed description of the issue. Playing 2 coop career with a friend, he changes AI difficulty doesnt update in mine Report Code his code: AEMJ-AADV-PPMM-EAKJ mine: GBTG-TVDA-PAMM-PEKG Platform? PS4 Game-mode? Coop 2-Player Career [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the players forum username, please tag as many people who were in your session here. 2 real players, 18 AIs [ONLINE] Were you the host? No What troubleshooting h
  21. i accidentally deleted the screenshot, but im sure ill be able to replicate it, this changing of settings that helps fix the bug also bleeds across to a myteam save: was in coop career and changed the damage and damage rate settings and it changed it on myteam to the same setting it also (im guessing because you cant flashback on multiplayer) changed my flashback settings so that iwasnt able to use them. this should definitely be looked at as to why this is happening across gamemodes
  22. same here just done, austria and silverstone, i think ive matched my AI fairly well but its hard to tell when my sectors generally are in the right ball park, apart for the afore mentioned ones: last 2 turns i n Austria, Sector 2 at silverstone. not looking forward to belgium (which is my fav track) and zandwort by the sounds of the complaints....
  23. you guys should submit a bug report in the correct format next time this happens so it can get looked at
  24. exactly that alex, which is what i was trying to say
  25. yes but it shouldnt be like that really, you should be able to use whichever set when you want
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