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  1. PureDriving

    Ranked 25% on PS4

    Why has 25% ranked not worked since launch? There is never anyone in my lobby when I join. I pray this wont be an issue with F1 2020 as 25% is the only racing I do, cant stand 5 lap races. How have they not fixed this.
  2. Are you okay bro? How can online be better than F1 2018 when there is no online. I cannot contemplate how you think ranked lobbies are alive and active. Yes it is much much less dirty, mostly because its empty.
  3. HOW can we play competitively in ranked lobbies, when ranked lobbies are DEAD?? Dont even try and tell me 5 lap races count either because they do not, they are empty a lot aswell anyway. F1 2019 ****** me off so bad, first game in 4 years of +1000 hours each year that I traded in, haven't played in a month. It seems inviting players is the cause of lobbies being dead, so I say bring it back!
  4. PureDriving

    Ranked empty lobby issue

    It's long dead I was hardcore F1 but stopped about a month a go because lobbies were absolutely dead. Not buying F1 2020, the fact they would leave lobbies empty says enough, no other game would accept no one playing online.
  5. Their too busy working on next years profit mate. Fixing this years game wont help their wallets, since it has some positive features in it.
  6. PureDriving

    Ranking System is killing us all

    F1 is about the stamina of the car, aswell as the pace. 5 lap races are silly. 15 laps or so on 25% is not much to ask for, when real F1 cars do 60/70 laps.
  7. PureDriving

    Esport coaching

    @DaleRossi不不不不不 .....
  8. PureDriving

    Esport coaching

    @Faya This guy was asked to leave my thread and he is still trying to start an arguement instead of providing an answer to my question. @sloppysmusic I also reported you, since you didnt leave like you were asked.
  9. PureDriving

    Esport coaching

    Thanks brother. I will look into him. Yeah I have resorted to just league racing since lobbies are dead. 3 league races a week is not much though. Would rather 3 25% races a day, maybe they will sort out online soon. @DaleRossi
  10. PureDriving

    Esport coaching

    I have read a lot of your comments actually on this forum, your always looking for an argument, you are ALWAYS negative especially when you are wrong and wont admit so. You did not answer my question, you came on to tell me why coaching would not help me. I did not ask whether it would help me or not, I asked if anyone knows a coach. Did you answer that question? No. In future, DO NOT comment on any thread I make. @sloppysmusic
  11. PureDriving

    Esport coaching

    You completely missed my point. I asked does anyone know a coach for "F1 games". I'm not bothered about just F1 2019. I am faster this year than last year, but I have learned everything that I feel I can learn, so I am looking for a pro coach to take a look at a couple videos of my driving and see what they think can be improved. I'm a truck driver in real life, I know more than most about driving but I dont have the time or interest any more to be sweaty and spam the game. @sloppysmusic
  12. PureDriving

    Esport coaching

    Is there any1 that offers coaching for F1 games? Every other esport game seems to have coaches, cant find any for F1 2019. I've pretty much hit a wall at the minute and since I never ask anyone for advice ever, it's probably worth a shot. If you know anyone that's a pro coach let me know.
  13. PureDriving

    F1 ranked

    Almost dead? Ranked is DEAD. It's absolutely sad, its what I buy the game for. 25% it's literally empty. F1 2019 is a disaster, end of story.
  14. PureDriving

    What a surprise... online broken again...

    Ignore them mate I've barely had a 25% race since I launch day because there never is one. I've resorted to just league racing and other games. Waste of time.
  15. PureDriving

    New to F1 - Questions - Need Help

    What assists do you have turned on in the pause menu?