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  1. PureDriving

    Ranked 25% on PS4

    Why has 25% ranked not worked since launch? There is never anyone in my lobby when I join. I pray this wont be an issue with F1 2020 as 25% is the only racing I do, cant stand 5 lap races. How have they not fixed this.
  2. Are you okay bro? How can online be better than F1 2018 when there is no online. I cannot contemplate how you think ranked lobbies are alive and active. Yes it is much much less dirty, mostly because its empty.
  3. HOW can we play competitively in ranked lobbies, when ranked lobbies are DEAD?? Dont even try and tell me 5 lap races count either because they do not, they are empty a lot aswell anyway. F1 2019 ****** me off so bad, first game in 4 years of +1000 hours each year that I traded in, haven't played in a month. It seems inviting players is the cause of lobbies being dead, so I say bring it back!
  4. PureDriving

    Looking for ps4 League (or two)

  5. PureDriving

    Is Time Trial Redundant?

    Time trial setups dont seem to work in multiplayer races this year, its beyond stupidy. It should be more accessible to prepare for equal car races.
  6. PureDriving

    Looking for ps4 League (or two)

    GMT +1 is my time zone. My free days are Monday/Thursday/Friday and Saturday. My pace is about top 200/300 in time trials. No assists. Ps4.
  7. PureDriving

    Racestart with PS4 Controller

    @Steff900427I was just about to comment the same thing. I am struggling in Career mode to get to the first corner without dropping atleast 2 places, on 105 AI. In multiplayer it seems it is the opposite, even people my pace never get off the line as quick as me. I don't understand it tbh.
  8. PureDriving

    CE-34878-0 on F1 2019 ps4

    I'm getting this alot too brother so your not alone. Good to know it's not just me aswell I was gonna re-download the game down again today but I might wait for a patch. I made a thread about this and Faya commented on it so they are aware of it atleast.