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  1. PureDriving

    Time Trial Cheaters

    Where you the guy last year with the fastest time that cut the first corner? ūü§£ caused a reset of the times I think.
  2. PureDriving

    Dividing assists from No assists

    You shouldn't have to though, codemasters should have this done long ago to be fair. They haven't done so, to make assist users not left out, therefore they make more money as it keeps assists users more interested in their game. Personally if you did make a website like this, I would actually pay for the service.
  3. It is an issue though, just because you dont want it does not stop it being an issue for the rest of us. I guarantee you, lmost would love the option to customize the HUD with a TV layout.
  4. PureDriving

    Dividing assists from No assists

    This is part of the problem, there should be no confusion about which is faster. I'm not overly bothered about that though, mostly no assists are faster this year to be fair. What I cant stand is there being no divide in online multiplayer races and more frustratingly no divide on Time Trial leaderboards. It should also tell you if the lap time was set with a wheel or a controller! How much time do I waste trying to figure out if my setup is actually for a wheel or a controller.
  5. Time Trials is pretty unfair for drivers who dont use assists. We really dont know how skilled we are compared to other no assists users. I mean when I do a perfect lap, I only want to know who's ahead of me that doesnt use cheat assists. So easy to slam the car around with ABS and a good setup. It's not a comparison. Looking at the leaderboards as a no assists driver all year, has made me cringe to be honest. Its badly designed. Online multiplayer is very similar, it would be much more exciting to race people who use no assists, for us that dont use them. Lastly, I'm stating the obvious here but no assists needs to be quicker than assists this year, I really hope they have done something about it because it is quite sad looking at a medium TC with ABS in the top 10. For me, if there is not an effort to make a divide, over the next couple of years I cant see myself bothering with codemasters F1 until they do. This is not a rant, more of an opinion.
  6. PureDriving

    Looking for league PS4

    Ah, it says once the day is set to suit drivers; then the day/time is locked. Fair enough. I can only do Monday or Friday right now. I could do Saturday if it was 6pm start, no later. Do you think you have something on those days? I am Irish, so GMT+1.
  7. PureDriving

    Cockpit Cam vs TV Pod

    Is their still a general feeling that TV pod is fastest? Do any of the pro's use either Cockpit Cam or TV Pod Offset?
  8. PureDriving

    TSRL F1 2019 Season 9 Sign Ups OPEN

    Your league is just Xbox, right?
  9. If this is true, their is a God! Customizable HUD would be insane also. For me, if they fixed the shiny tyres situation and the blue ERS bar then I am sold. Not like i haven't already pre ordered though Haha.
  10. Isn't it possible to adjust the HUD in the menus? If not, I am all over this petition. I also hate the new blue colour of the ERS bar, on YouTube in tracks like France everything looks mhch too colourful and cartoony. ERS bar looks tacky. Lastly, the pictures @FIE posted are amazing and would completely upgrade the game. Why should we not have officiall TV HUD, it adds to realism. A lot.
  11. PureDriving

    Looking for league PS4

    I can't do random days/start times pal. Thanks for the offer though.
  12. PureDriving

    APS Racing Sign ups 2019 Season

    I will race on Saturdays if there is a spot available. PSN is PureDriving.
  13. PureDriving

    Looking for league PS4

    Looking for one or two leagues, for F1 2019. I am very experienced, learning no assists so not as fast as usual, can race Ledgend AI though. I am also safe driver and quiet, no messing. PS4. Free every night.
  14. PureDriving

    ABS on vs off

    I use DS4. Literally shaved off a second a lap since I turned it off, bit harder to manage tyres in races but alot more fun. Can finally say I've broken away from all assists. Alex I think your right about the corners, trail braking works better without ABS because you can slam the car. I always thought figuring out how people are so fast with no assists would be the ultimate struggle, turns out I now want to forever understand how people are so fast with ABS! I'm finding it easier to set up the car now aswell, because of being able to feel the car better, especially the brakes/tyres/aero etc.
  15. PureDriving

    Race setup VS Time trial setup

    Having done a lot of research on this topic, I have realised the time trial setups I have saved are not as fast on multiplayer because the physics are alot different apparently, correct? Time trial setups (mercedes) seem to work in career mode for me on nearly any car but not online. The car is always too twitchy and my tyres go way too fast. What are the most important parts of the car to tweak, for a race?