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  1. ZZZhArK10

    F1 2019 Updated teams?

    You could just ansawer my question but you are a [Removed]
  2. ZZZhArK10

    F1 2019 Updated teams?

    When will the new update get released with the updated cars' database
  3. Hey guys, this is something i saw quite a lot of people wanting for a few years, imagine if the game had more engineers.. For instance, when you drive for Ferrari your engineer speaks with italian accent, or when you drive for McLaren with a british one and a German one for Mercedes Simple things like that make the experience way better. (Also please give us the 90 years anivessary livery for Ferrari, ffs, and add cooldown lap)
  4. ZZZhArK10

    Ferrari's livery

    Hey Codemasters, since we can't have their livery with mission winnow, i hope you will include the 90th anivessary livery which is identical, i mean the only difference is that the mission winnow logo is replaced by Ferrari's 90 years logo
  5. ZZZhArK10

    5 Things we ask for years

    1. 3D Trophy Room 2. Driver of the day award 3. Pole position cutscene receiving the Pirelli Tyre trophy 4. Fake sponsors that you can get and place them on your suit/helmet/car 5. Cooldown lap where we get to park the car as well
  6. I heard some rumours that the game won't include the actual livery, they will remove mission winnow competely which i find it unacceptable...