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  1. Update. I belive you are correct on the fps being the issue here. I had forgotten to turn on cap fps and thought i was running 60 fps. When in 5760 and high preset the fps was low enough to get the telemetry trough. When i turn on Vsync or actually limit it to 60 its works just fine. It looks til fail between 150-160 and up from there when testing with the limits
  2. Thank you for the quick update. Really appreciate that. I've been driving with full then clamped at 60 FPS for most of the time and haven's seen any difference. PS Simtools only works in DX11
  3. its directed to localhost and default port. Every combination is tested, its just plain luck that i discovered it worked in triple screen. Like i've said, it works fine in Legacy. 2019 only gives you Acc with gravity but spikes in normal acc. Also if the car stands still you suddenly get data from normal acc etc. None of which makes any sense from a 3d party or graphical driver view.
  4. I always do and just to rule this out completely tried a couple of drivers aprox 6 months apart.
  5. As mentioned it's been tested with Simtools in legacy mode and Mover in 2019 mode. They basically work in the same way but use different telemetry modes. I don't have any other way to test it. Since it works fine in 5760 but not in 1920 I really can't imagine that's anything but a game bug. 3d party software shouldnt/won't be affected by resolution. The developer of Mover has the same opinion. I've added links to both software and the recordings of the telemetry if they wish to see on Mover player and/or test telemetry. The software is free. https://www.xsimulator.net/community/threads/flypt-mover.13464/ https://www.xsimulator.net/simtools-motion-simulator-software/ f1 2019 test fullscreen 5760.MoverRec Simtools is used as source for mover and gets the legacy telemetry trough its own plugin. simtools 2019 test.MoverRec Here you can see the lack of telemetry in 1920x1080 and spiking in those channels f1 2019 errors.MoverRec
  6. f1 2019 I7700K Nvidia 445.75 GTX1080 TI Windows 10 File version The current state of keyboard support on PC is quite bad, First off when i logged on to the game excited to play today i was meet with a screen telling me to press any key. After that i got to a new screen and the option was highlighted but nothing worked. Then i had to connect a controller to get trough the second stage. The controller does not work on the first stage, only Enter on the keyboard does. Furthermore backspace does not work. You can move it with the arrow keys and use the delete button instead but this is really basic things. I haven't gotten into any career mode yet so i hope there's nothing more. I may update the post.
  7. f1 2019 I7700K Nvidia 445.75 GTX1080 TI Windows 10 File version Currently the 2019 telemetry is working only in triple widescreen 5760x1080. Its completely broken in 1920x1080. It's only giving you accelerations with gravity and spiking in other channels that interferes with the output. In fullscreen/window 5760x1080 there are no issues and you get all the telemetry correctly. In legacy mode it (using simtools as that plugin uses legacy and using it as source for Mover. Also the same by itself.) works fine in single window/fullscreen and widescreen. This has been tested and repeated several times in every combination possible and the only conclusion is that its a game bug. Its the same in DX12 and DX11 Luckily i only play in widescreen so ill manage but i hope you fix this asap.