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  1. relampagopt

    F1 2019 AI's is UNREALISTIC

    these kind of problems are never solved with patches,there is a fundamental problem with I.A that only in the next game can be solved we have seen this in previous games(f1 2014,f1 2016) but the problem would be much smaller if they decrease the super traction of the I.A
  2. relampagopt

    Errorcode 500:H [ZX]

    same on PC
  3. relampagopt

    Problem with my car speed

    control problem ?
  4. relampagopt

    F1 2019 - Skill Rating system broken [SG]

    I have no hope that it will be corrected f1 2018 was the same
  5. relampagopt

    Lap times are down.

    same curbs are killers...
  6. relampagopt

    Ask me your qeustions about the game

    How big is the executable? 50mb? 100mb? loading time to enter the game is equal to 2018? there are many stutterings? Are you enjoying the game?
  7. relampagopt

    Pre Load

    legends edition only ?
  8. relampagopt

    the I.A straight line speed is disgusting F1 2019

    just watch the various videos from youtubers it's ridiculous!! I hope the community helps to get a patch out...
  9. Será que quis dizer: já viram alguma corrida de 27/5000 Codemaster have you seen any f1 race? the straight line speed is very close between the cars. however the A.I seem to have nitro, It's very frustrating how easy they pass
  10. relampagopt

    Will F1 2019 use Denuvo?

    this information should be mandatory. we have the right to know what we buy
  11. relampagopt

    Will F1 2019 use Denuvo?

    Someone has news if the game uses denuvo??
  12. relampagopt

    Will F1 2019 use Denuvo?

    Can someone answer? games with denuvo suffer a lot with stuttering on my pc, f1 2018 is an example (if f1 2019 do not use denuvo I can pre purchase without fear of bad perfomance)