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  1. well i'm sure the problem is the g-hub, who uses logitech gaming software the game closes normally. i recently reinstalled windows on my pc and with gaming software the game closes normally to make sure I reinstalled g-hub and immediately the game doesn't close many of my friends did the same and i can confirm with logitech gaming software the game closes normally. if you install g-hub, the game doesn't close
  2. I do not understand... basically everyone I know who uses Logitech has this problem. I suspect the problem is the G-Hub, but I could be wrong
  3. Windows Version: Windows 10 Pro, 20H2 Wheel: Logitech G29 Wheel Firmware version: the most recent Other Software running (Discord, Streaming etc): Steam GHub Version (if applicable): 2021.8.792 (motherboard: asus b350, full AMD plataform)
  4. I just have steam and the logitech software running (G-Hub) and the game never closes normally. if i don't turn on the steering wheel, the game closes normally.
  5. this new game mode looks fantastic, it's hard to wait for the release date
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