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  1. So once again, there're problems on xbox getting our season pass content. How many times have this happened? Pretty much every time season pass content should become available. Now i admit that i'm not sure at what time they become available, so i assume it's when game resets daily and weekly challenges. That makes it 1pm where i live. So if i can't download new content slightly after 1pm i usually check twitter where it's stated that new content launched few hours ago. Now usually it just tooks few ours when i can finaly start to download new content. But sometimes it takes up to 6 hours with longest wait from 1pm to be able to download was 8 hours. And then there's today. It's soon 1am and once again when i checked dirts twitter, tweet about new content has now been launched was hours before 1pm. So what's the problem? What is it with launching content on xbox? I remember only one time when these issues happened on steam and playstation too. I have not had similiar or same problems with any other dlc or expansion with other games on xbox. Honestly, i suggest that season 4 should be delayed until this problem is solved. Take time and figure out with Microsoft what excatly the problem is and then fix it properly so it doesn't happen again. This is just sad at this point. A gaming company that can't succesfully add dlc content to their game. You don't want to be known for that. Now i know this got a bit too long and became a rant, but i'm just tired and angry since these problems occur way too often. We just want to play a game we like with new content that we paid for. So for the sake of us gamers, please, sort this problem out so everyone can have a better experience.