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  1. For a few days with friends, we have a problem to play multi in F1 2018. The problem is that in 95% one of us can never join the session. An error pops up or the game hangs on the window joining the session. Yesterday we managed to join three of us once in 20 attempts. Generally we are playing in 3 people yesterday we tested what could be the cause and we have a problem because nothing is arranged in any pattern. Having two consoles in one network, not depending on which one is checked on 3 networks and the problem does not occur. When everyone returns to each other and we want to play one of us can not join the session. What may be the problem? Before that everything was okay. What caught our attention is the NAT settings on the consoles. When checking on xbox one, two of us type nat after each test is different, changing between open, moderate and double. Find the problem here? But it does not seem to be due to the fact that in the same networks two plugged consoles and is okay.