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  1. Thank you! That’s all we need right now, a bit of clarity (to keep me sane) 🙂
  2. I’m just hoping it gets sorted this week, or I’ll give up and refund. Purchased a rift and a legit copy of Dirt 2 which promised VR for oculus headset with my hard earned and I can’t play.. Hope it wasn’t a business decision by oculus/Codemasters. We don’t need stuff like this happening in an already segregated VR market.
  3. I just hope they acknowledge it and get it fixed for us.
  4. James710

    The Codemasters Way

    Agree totally (need oculus API) or I can’t even play the game!
  5. Yep, sort it codies please.. ive been waiting so long for this, bought the deluxe edition.. still cant play it.. ill hang on another couple of days and probably refund if it isn't fixed (wont buy on oculus store)
  6. There is no way to launch with the Oculus API with the steam version. It runs really badly with my 2080ti. Is it igoing to be fixed or should I refund
  7. yeah the whole thing is a farce.. been waiting ages for this and still cant play it.. get mega frame drops with SteamVR… need to boot using oculus API. why didn't they include it?
  8. James710

    VR support in Dirt Rally 2 ?

    Just purchased deluxe edition ready for VR support! So that’s Dirt 2 and No mans sky with pending VR support. Can’t wait