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  1. radioactix


    I think this would be nice! 👍
  2. radioactix

    How to make 'DiRT Rally 2.0' better by making 'DiRT Rally 3'

    The effort to simulate track degradation is probably much to high compared to its benefits. For me modeling track degradation with three levels is totally fine.
  3. radioactix

    New game mode Open Explore!

    Dirt Rally (2.0) is a rally simulation and not some sort of open-world racing game like Forza Horizon.
  4. radioactix

    Is this a good idea?

    The first good idea would be giving your topic a meaningful title 😉 In general it doesn't sound bad although I think the effort to realize it is too high to expect this in DR 2.0.
  5. radioactix

    Daily rewards

    There's already (at least) one topic about this. Please look for already existing topics before starting a new topic.
  6. radioactix

    Add more Renaults

    Additionally I think there's enough variety in the available cars and as you said, there are already two Renaults.
  7. I am playing on a rather small screen (24") that is quite some distance away from my racing seat. Would it be possible to have one more camera position that is something in between the hood view and the existing dashboard camera? If I remember correctly there was something like this in DR1. Alternatively options to change the position of the existing dashboard camera would be a good solution as well.
  8. Just had the sound cut off during a stage in Argentinia. It came back after the race but now in the overview screen with all the events there a two cracking noises every time I select/hover over a country. Edit: It's actually in all the menues.
  9. I don't broadcast but find it very interesting to see how other people use throttle, brake and clutch.
  10. radioactix

    Improve Advanced Graphics settings screen

    I agree that more explanations would be pretty useful!
  11. radioactix

    Rain in night stages

    Yeah, the rain looks like big icicles. Additionally the AI drivers don't seem to be influenced by bad conditions.