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  1. Please actually read the post before replying: If it were just the question of waiting 8 hours I wouldn't be here, I would be driving the cars already. The randomization is broken, and my store is stuck on the same inventory for several days now.
  2. I'm wondering if anyone has encountered this issue, because it's driving me nuts. I'm trying to buy some new (well, used) cars, but I can't - for over a week now every time I check, the available used cars tab has the exact same cars: - DS3 (H1) - 205GTI (H2F) - Escort (H2R) - Ascona (H3) - 240Z (H3) - Manta (B RWD) - Quattro (B 4WD) - Evo (A) (Not counting new cars, they're all there I think, plus 350 rallycross cars I do not care for). So I would like to buy something else from the A group, and the other two B group 4WD cars, but I cannot because they just won't show up in the bloody store. The "store refreshes in X hrs" seems to do nothing, every single time I log on the cars on sale are identical. Is anyone else seeing the same thing? It's driving me nuts, and this whole "available cars" mechanic is questionable to begin with - what's the benefit of not allowing me to purchase a car I want? It's not like you can pay real money to get what you want anyway (don't get any ideas Codies, that's a terrible idea), so what's the added value here, other than frustration?