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  1. So, two times didnt count to my challenge. This means I cant get the chromed livery, which I was playing for, due to codemasters bug. So embarrassing... I hoped that codemasters can fix it to count it... They can see it, I completed the weelky event with 23th position, in top 1% and nothing... What a joke
  2. Hello dear Codemasters, personnel, or other players. I had my last session series to complete 3 races in weekly event. I had it 2/3, so today I completed the race, I won, but still didn´t counted to 3/3. Its for me sad, because its my last session challenge to get the chromed livery... Will it counted tomorrow when the weekly event will be finished or just I have a bug? P.S. When the weekly event was to get on podium with Kimi Raikkonen, still didnt count to my challenge. Thanks guys, if you will help me. Have a wonderful day or night (In what time zone you are)