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  1. TFIYoutube

    F1 2018 crashing on Win 10 1903

    OP here, I didn't realise there was so many follow ups. Basically I'm back here because the game is STILL crashing out on me, and I'm now onto F12019 getting the exact same problems on a whole new set of Nvidia drivers. I've already tried moving the game to me C:\ drive, I've reinstalled, reformatted, I've even got a different 2080Ti (moved from the FE to a MSI model), it's just the F1 games that this happens in and it's utterly unplayable. I've not been able to finish the first GP in Australia in career mode for it, and I can't do more than 2 time trial laps for it bombing out. Sent the EGO dump reports into Codemasters all along but what is a definite here, is that they don't give a flying **** in a high wind.
  2. TFIYoutube

    F1 2018 AI skill

    I put the AI at 103, I just started a new career and finished 6th in a McLaren in the first Australia GP which was quite an enjoyable challenge, I genuinely felt the cars disadvantage in comparison to the top 3 teams and had to fight tooth and nail for 6th, it was quite rewarding. I was doing the esports events the other week on AI 110 and the lap times where impossibly low, they where lapping ~8s a lap faster than the real cars which is beyond skilled sim driving and into the realms of perfecting and leveraging game mechanics IMO. It doesn't feel realistic when you're lapping 10% faster than true pace, it was achievable but felt fake.
  3. TFIYoutube

    F1 2018 crashing on Win 10 1903

    Yea I've repaired the game files/integrity check twice, I've went through CHKDSK & SFC on all my drives and Windows Memory Check, today I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game from one SSD to another and it's bombed out a further 5 times. I've just finished a 15 lap race literally just now, got through the entire race, it went to the podium cinematic and crashed out at that point which has probably lost the entire race, again. I'm just gonna throw the towel in at this point tbh, I put an hour into pCars2 earlier today without any issue but F12018 is just too unstable.
  4. I've put 250+ hours into F1 2018 on the same PC so I can say with certainty that the game has been fine for those hours. But after updating to Windows 10 version 1903, the game is quite literally unplayable now. I'm on a top end PC, 8700K with a 2080Ti and 32GB RAM. Latest drivers across the board, PC is tip top. In career mode, it lets me set up a session i.e. Practice 3 and start qualifying sim or race strat, it puts me in the car, I maybe get 1 or 2 laps done and then boom the game just closes to the desktop with no error messages or anything, hard fast exit. It also has previously completely locked up my PC (complete freeze, no response, clock stops, sound is jammed, needs hard powered off). This hard exit is guaranteed every play session making the game unplayable. I've monitored temps, everything is fine, I've repaired the game files, unplugged other devices in the PC, but the problem persists. I'm assuming it's due to 1903 as nothing else has changed between it working fine and now being completely broken. Any Codemasters reps that can offer any advice here please? Cheers