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  1. svensenk86

    Your 2019 final stats

    Hi all,just wanna share my 2019 final driver stats,just won my first championship,going into the break now until 2020 is released. Sadly i cannot take my driver to the new game. How are your 2019 stats? I used AI 90 as a standard,depending on the track it went to max 97 or lowest 86. 50% race lenght Season 1 & 2 with Alfa, 3 & 4 with Ferrari
  2. svensenk86

    Mechanical failure

    So do we have it in F1 2020 finally? Good to see that we are all on one side here 😎
  3. svensenk86

    AI difficulty

    you have to do it track by track, a 90 AI level in Melbourne is not the same as in Austria (there you will be 1,5 sek faster every lap) and in Hungary you have no chance against AI with 90...you have to determine this every track, start with a comfortable value in Melbourne as your basic number. Take your teammate as a reference in practice sessions - me for example has 89 is Melbourne, the highest I think I have is 97 and the lowest is 86, so you see it varies in between the season.
  4. svensenk86

    AI team performance seems unreal

    In my third season the ranking is as follows Ferrari (my team, but I do not upgrade anymore, glad I found the other topic where the teammate get overpowered when 100 % upgraded) Toro Rosso Renault then a big gap to the rest of the grid. The only thing which would need a fix is that Toro Rosso never beats Red Bull with car performance, otherwise I like the change of top teams.
  5. svensenk86

    F1 career 2019 on F1 2020?

    would be cool at least to take your driver to a new game...to keep working with the stats you buildt up during a year
  6. svensenk86

    Teammate became faster in Career Mode ???

    damn, so I better do not upgrade the car then anymore is this a general known bug?
  7. svensenk86

    Teammate became faster in Career Mode ???

    alrighty, i will watch this. and what happens when you go down with the AI difficulty? that you match the times with your teammate? e.g. now I use 90 - when your situation applies maybe I need to go down to 88 ? then it should be equal again?
  8. svensenk86

    Teammate became faster in Career Mode ???

    not 100 no, but close to, ok then it maybe change soon :D how is the situation when all other AI cars are upgraded as well?
  9. svensenk86

    Teammate became faster in Career Mode ???

    this I cannot confirm, in Qualy we are separated by 0,100 - 0,300 but then I did not had the perfect lap. Anyhow in the race we are pretty equal, 2 races he got the fastest lap and 1 race I had - so all in all everything looks pretty realistic to me.
  10. svensenk86

    Teammate became faster in Career Mode ???

    I like that, I am also in my 4th season now, Leclerc my teammate, after 3 races He is leading by 4 points the championship. Last season Toro Rosso was "the team" they had the best car and were killing the rest. Isn`t that normal that the best car is the fastest?? In my season Ferrari is like Mercedes in 2017 - 2019, I do not understand your general issue here, for sure you are the fastest with the highest upgraded car oO ? Cannot wait for this season battle with Leclerc
  11. svensenk86

    Monaco tips

    if that is your "mid" AI value which you use normally, you need to decrease it in Monaco as the AI is a bit overpowered there, besides they never make mistakes -.- same for Baku and Singapore.
  12. sure thing, i will send it to you later today, in my first 2 seasons with Alfa I did not really look at it (did it all 90), but now in my third with Ferrari (just finished it) I adjusted it that in between me an Leclerc are just + - 0,200 sec - so Qualifying and races are quite exciting are mostly realistic in regards of my car performance. When you checkout that topic you find also other guys who adjusted AI per track as the AI is not balanced to all the tracks.
  13. I do 50 % - if you want I can share my AI settings with you per track, as 90 does not work for all tracks (e.g in Austria the AI is way too slow, in Suzuka too fast...)
  14. I also use 90 as a basic value and adjust it by nearly every race, on some tracks I go up to 95, on some I have to lower it up to 87, I always use my team mate as a reference and it works pretty well like this. But I adjust before Qualifying, I cannot share the thought that the AI is faster in race, I find more in Qualy.
  15. svensenk86

    Mechanical failure

    I guess that would be on of the biggest gaming comebacks, GP5 😉 But that was a failure which I "acknowledge" if the car lets you down you can do nothing and the race is over, hard to get but it is just an engine which can fail. better than an AI driver who you overlap and in the middle of a fast corner he hits the brakes big time to let you through and you crash into his rear because that would have been the worst position he let you through...(just happened to me in Austria, final corner 2 laps before end of race, I was leading)....there I use the flashback function then as no real driver would have done that....if the engine would have failed, ok so be it, happens in reality as well. Further I don`t get why AI has it and player not @BarryBL is there a statement why it is like this???