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  1. svensenk86

    Ea sports it’s in the game

    yeah no mate I am also one from those guys who does not see it that bad, it will be a decent game I am pretty sure, as you said, the guys who did F1 2020 will do the next ones just with more money in the hands to do so 😉 and for sure you will have microtransactions, but that is todays games, you don`t have to buy them but who wants who can, so no big deal
  2. svensenk86

    Ea sports it’s in the game

    we will like the offline mode on the first game, on the second game and then it freezes for 3-4 years 😄 like Madden 15 was cool, 16 was still cool, but it is not cool to have the SAME offline mode in the current madden 😛 think so too, like they do it with Bioware for Mass Effect or Dragon Age - Bioware makes the game, but EA pushes them to release even when it is not finished 😉 and EA takes care of a proper marketing campaign.
  3. svensenk86

    Upgrading to ps5

    what do you expect man? that they organize that much backoffice employees to figure out if someone had once a ps4 disc version who can get a key to download the digital version? just spend not even 100 bugs more to get a proper ps5 with the disc option....man some people really think just in their own 4 walls.....I saw I have 3 ps4 games left which I play very often, F1 is one of them, so I bought the PS5 disc version, because I have PS4 DISCS....not that hard to get this point right?
  4. svensenk86

    Ea sports it’s in the game

    this one I don`t get mate, please explain. This presentation thing before qualy and race is kind of cool - this needs a bit more fresh air as the one we have is kind of "old" also the celebration thing at the end of the race. a lot of guys screaming for the TV pod HUD like in real (I dont need all this because i drive cockpit with all other things off) but for some people it is a big thing. I think EA will try to give the best TV presentation for the game...I just speak about presentation here....I hope more significant stuff will be improved like AI and other minor bugs.
  5. svensenk86

    Ea sports it’s in the game

    I think this will happen - you cannot say EA Sports does not show "real" presentations - presentation wise we will make a huge step forward I think.
  6. svensenk86

    Shortcut for Traction Control?

    no there is no other way, as this is an assist to the game and not a car setup thing which you can change.
  7. svensenk86

    Ea sports it’s in the game

    I remember the release of Grand Prix 4 and F1 2002 I think it was, same time release - I was waiting for the official game review from my favorite game magazin "Gamestar" this time and to my surprise F1 2002 was beating GP4 :O F1 2002 and F1 Racing Challenge 99-02 were decent games though. I think the game will be not that bad as everyone is expecting
  8. svensenk86

    Ea sports it’s in the game

    I think they will do a good job, and as written before, everyone hates them, but everyone is buying release day the new versions of Fifa, Madden or NHL, depends on the fanbase 😄 so also we WILL buy F1 😄 as they have experience in F1 as well it will be not that bad, they will do a proper job I am pretty sure. And for all online gamers (I am not in F1, there I am happy with the carreer) be happy, you will get F1 Ultimate Team 😄 😄 😄
  9. svensenk86

    Lapped AI cars divebombing

    do you have an example? normally the lapped AI is acting quite ok. Where is the Ideal Line to drive in this corner? I had it in austria once when I was lapping a car. second last fast right (when you also enterring the pits) I wanted to go inside by, but the AI was also going inside to make space as the ideal line is a bit more outside there....since then I had no more issues. As I am in season 5 now normally no lapping does take place anymore even on 50% races.
  10. svensenk86

    F1 2020 my team too good at start

    Just improve the AI level when you flying away of the field. Also a big part is the driver ratings. I have Verstappen in the midfield ferrari leading the pack,so it is not just R&D...
  11. svensenk86

    Texture problem

    But not on the ps5 mate,there is no ssd issue...it is a game bug on the console in general. It looks really 2000 ...
  12. svensenk86

    F1 2020 my team too good at start

    Well it was a new team 😜😁
  13. svensenk86

    F1 2020 my team too good at start

    Brawn GP came and won a championship, I mean everything is possible😉
  14. @BarryBL anyone from CM a statement here??
  15. svensenk86

    Stats tweet

    I hope this update pushes the new consoles a bit,still long loading and texture issues on ps5!