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  1. svensenk86

    Thank you Codemasters

    Gerdi, ich hoffe ich bin auch noch mit 61 dabei F1 Spiele zu zocken 🙂 weiter so 🙂
  2. svensenk86

    Just no connection with the car.

    for me it is the opposite, I feel the car handling more than in 2018, but yeah, everyone feels it different
  3. svensenk86

    Please stop driver transfer in career mode

    ok first transfer is made, it happened after Hungary Weber replaces Stroll in Racing Point Giovinazzi takes Williams spot this transfer is fine for me
  4. svensenk86

    Bring back limited flashbacks?

    As soon as the “real” world 😄 can disturb you, you are allowed to use flashbacks. If I would have my own room, quiet and no one can influence me, I would also turn them off. So agree with the guys who are saying “it is an assist” but also agree with my kind of guys who are influenced by the outside
  5. svensenk86

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    4th race (Hungary) in a row I got it now, but now it was too sensitive triggered. Situation: Rainy conditions, first lap, Corner 5 I think it was, Bottas hit my back in the corner, not his fault, I didn`t see him in the corner, so I was sliding out on the gras, no damages, could go right back on track, this triggered a SC 😄 I thought maybe something else was happening but no, it was because of my short visit in the gras…got the SC out for 4 laps….
  6. svensenk86

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    I do not know the calculation system behind it, I switched it on in Austria and had it in ALL upcoming races once. Maybe you need to switch it off first, make one race without it and switch it back on during the season...
  7. svensenk86

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    what is the issue? works fine? 3 times I had it now, nothing went wrong
  8. svensenk86

    Smokey exhaust?

    I had this in 2018 once, some engine part was not working properly, but I do not remember which one. Had no issues on driving, but also saw that smoke coming out, not the whole race though. Changed afterwards all corroded engine parts, no smoke next GP 😉
  9. svensenk86

    Bring back limited flashbacks?

    this just works when you are able to concentrate completely the whole race and no cat is running around besides you or a little kid suddenly wakes up and needs his parents 😉 or the girlfriend comes around with unnecessary questions 😄 So I would appreciate also to have a limit option as requested, like you had it on Dirt 4, otherwise I also find my self abusing it.
  10. svensenk86

    Simulating practice

    instead of choosing to do the session you can press a button for simulating it 😉
  11. svensenk86

    Career Mode - Lack of Racing Incidents

    I cannot confirm, I switched it on in Austria, since then it appeared in every race once, Austria, Silverstone & Germany - always after a retirement from a car near the track.
  12. svensenk86

    Career Mode - Lack of Racing Incidents

    but this just happened in 2018, never saw this in 2019 True, AI never shots themselves out of the track -.- this I also recognize so if this happens to me I am the only dude in the complete grid who gets off the track. Further, could it be that the AI is cheating when they hit each other? I had Perez flying by after racestart, first corner, he was late on the brakes took over 4-5 cars, hit in the corner another car in the side with his frontwing, queued back in with a nice race pace -.-
  13. svensenk86

    Please stop driver transfer in career mode

    Let`s see what happens 😮 Hamilton is **** in my season, Bottas kicks his ass, I think he needs a replacement in his Mercedes 😛
  14. svensenk86

    A.I have gone backwards 1.05

    The only adjustment I needed to take was increasing the AI difficulty. 1.04 I was at 87 AI, with 1.05 I needed to go up to 90. Just had a rainy race in Germany, I got bumped twice in my rear, first Ricciardo wanted to pull over right in front of the corner, did it too late, hit my back, and then Vettel when we went in the the motodrom. Ok I excuse them, nothing happened to me (after we saw Verstappen in Silverstone a F1 car can take a lot 😄 ) and it was raining heavy. Besides I have no big reporting on the AI.
  15. svensenk86

    Credit where credit is due!

    the only "mechanical" issue I had so far was the gearbox, that you stuck in gears, kind of a good reason to stop the car (it happened to me in Monaco) besides this, are there no other mechanical events to the players car?