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  1. Shutter91

    1.05 AI is a joke

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wn8xLg_X7VE He cut the chicken. it's a yoke! a yoke! -before i get completely offtopic- hopefully we'll get the 1.04 ai, it was just awesome to have a ai that fights for the position.
  2. Shutter91

    PATCH 1.05, how to ruin a game.

    Btw why have Ferrari the best aerodynamic in game? anyone knows that they have this year low downforce and low drag, so it's harder for them to bring the tyres to work because of the low downpressure - anyone knows but not code"masters". and THIS is quite unrealistic why can engine customers like haas, mclaren blah blah etc develop the engines by themselves? before i forget it was an great idea to bring back the f1 2018 ai... not. "F1 2019 is so realictic..." cheers bye
  3. Shutter91

    [Issue] [PC] Can't choose career team mate

    Last year they removed the option to change the difficulty level between sessions, and it comes back in a later update. so why not?
  4. Shutter91

    [Issue] [PC] Can't choose career team mate

    in F1 2018/2017/2016 it was possible to choose your teammate...
  5. Shutter91

    [Issue] [PC] Can't choose career team mate

    @Faya Can you confirm that the option will be available again in a future update?
  6. This problem exists since F1 2016. Why can an engine customer team like Haas, Sauber (now Alfa Romeo), McLaren, Williams etc. develop the engines by themselves? Everyone wants more realism in the game, but this is not really realistic. It would be better if you as a customer team could "help" the factoryteam develop the engine by releasing engine-telemetrydata or testing a package of engines a week or two earlier, with (perhaps) less reliability. So you have to wait until the factory team gets a engine update (like in RL). That would also mean more competition, right now you can develop in a season from the bottom up to the top. It's different with transmissions, because some customer teams still develop their own transmissions. so the current development system is very unrealistic ... thanks, cheers