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  1. I am not that talented hahaha. I've gone the other way. Started with 1:18, then moved down to 1:43 bc the 1:18 were too expensive, and now I'm mainly doing the high-end 1:64 like Tomica Limited Vintage and Inno64.
  2. If they did just a plain white one with no driver markings or anything I'd buy that, but they don't soooo
  3. I've had my eye on the EKS S1 test car for a while.
  4. The STARD Fiesta sounds absolutely incredible in game.
  5. french counting is all messed up and all over the place so i'm surprised you'd even co-drive in it.
  6. I don't have the budget for a European event, unfortunately. GP3R was just 6 hours North of me and I could easily do that by car.
  7. Welp there goes my plans of going to a WRX event next year 😕
  8. nah, part of the appeal of RX to me is that it's full bump and grind racing.
  9. N/A 4cyl engines tend to be loud.
  10. You can miss turns 6/7 and return to the track at the next part of the bus stop, but it won't count your lap.
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