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  1. I am not that talented hahaha. I've gone the other way. Started with 1:18, then moved down to 1:43 bc the 1:18 were too expensive, and now I'm mainly doing the high-end 1:64 like Tomica Limited Vintage and Inno64.
  2. If they did just a plain white one with no driver markings or anything I'd buy that, but they don't soooo
  3. The STARD Fiesta sounds absolutely incredible in game.
  4. french counting is all messed up and all over the place so i'm surprised you'd even co-drive in it.
  5. I don't have the budget for a European event, unfortunately. GP3R was just 6 hours North of me and I could easily do that by car.
  6. Welp there goes my plans of going to a WRX event next year 😕
  7. nah, part of the appeal of RX to me is that it's full bump and grind racing.
  8. N/A 4cyl engines tend to be loud.
  9. You can miss turns 6/7 and return to the track at the next part of the bus stop, but it won't count your lap.
  10. i literally just go into freeplay at dirtfish to launch cars off the jump perpendicular to normal direction of travel to flip and wreck em.
  11. An oval in the wet is a suicide mission.
  12. It's the desert, why are we even having "wet" conditions!
  13. You bought all the parts in a kit to convert the car over to the spec.
  14. I love these cars, and I'm glad they're represented accurately - absolute weapons on asphalt and horrific everywhere else. Honestly wasn't expecting redline on the Pug to be about 11k though.
  15. RX Monster is gonna run the Subaru next year in WRX in place of the S1 maybe?
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