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  1. The Bakkerud videos are good except for when they video the fans talking with him and stuff. That kinda thing in general is a cringe factory for me.
  2. Cutting the corner driving fast over crazy uneven terrain and trying to skirt the penalty zone takes skill, full stop.
  3. As stated before - the cuts are available for everyone to use, and they do take skill to use, so saying that they don't take driver skill is a little absurd.
  4. I like it because it's ridiculous. Much like Kalix is a fantastic track because of that stupid huge banked corner!
  5. That is very, very good. I love that Tierp Arena course so much, and I kinda wish it was used on the world stage in addition to Holjes. The name is terrible for so many reasons, esp with just how ****** up the Mexican drug cartels are. Being in the USA it has a way stronger, violent meaning than they probably are intending it to mean but maybe that's what they were going for?
  6. Larsson is definitely a character and one that needs to be in the World Championship full time. A third RX Cartel(you have no idea how much I hate that team name) S1 with flashes of yellow would look pretty neat for him next year...
  7. Same here with me re: the Hansens. Kevin seems like someone who's truly enjoying what he does. This massive gap between Latvia and S. Africa really kinda pulls the wind outta the sails for the excitement factor of the championship. Especially with a single point separating Bakkerud and T. Hansen, you want the championship round to be relatively close to the previous round to keep the emotions and excitement up. Now they've got plenty of time to unwind and if there were any bad blood between the two on track, it'll be long forgotten. The DQ for Larsson was ****, that's racing.
  8. I've completed a long Greece stage once without terminal damage. and that completion was with the RR and LF tires gone. greece is hard.
  9. However, CM has the Spa license for the F1 games, it shouldn't be too difficult to transfer that over?
  10. If it were a fantasy GRC layout there would have been a few crossover jumps and they'd somehow end up racing on the roof of the building, don't you worry.
  11. Too predictable! It's also a fairly dangerous pinch point that could lead to a bad situation if a few cars wreck and block the track in there.
  12. gimme all those followers!!!!
  13. Twitter handle is the same as my username here. 😉
  14. Here it is. Typical WRX colors. Gray is asphalt, yellow dirt, pink Joker. I don't know if it's long enough but yeah.
  15. This one I knew just by the awkward farting sound the anti-lag makes on those motors.
  16. This is exactly what I kinda meant actually, I thought the Tidemand/Eklund car was just an old Andretti/VWoA car, not it's own thing. Seeing the little differences between the two is really neat.
  17. I'd like to see them side by side.
  18. Thanks y'all, when I got outta work I'll draw it up. It utilizes both the jump and the water splash in it, the water splash being the joker route.
  19. I made a fun lil rallycross track on the Dirtfish Freeroam map. Anyone got a screenshot of the loading screen so I can draw it out for y'all?
  20. the bmw is cool and ill probably thrash it into some trees a few times and not use it again.
  21. Also, Wreckfest's Estering is 1390m long, when the real one is 952m long.
  22. There's quite a few in that game that are heavily based on real tracks!
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