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  1. Possibly. We don't get the A/S1 here so that might be a detractor for support from the factory.
  2. I mean the easiest way to do it is just make the track but not have any sort of identifiers with Lyngas' name on it. Just call it "Tranby, Norway." Or flip the Start lap and the normal laps. So you run the big corner on every lap and the chicane is the Joker lap.
  3. Portugal and Mettet are both of my worst tracks as well. The last complex of Portugal and the first section of Mettet are just awful.
  4. I think I check it on Google Earth a few weeks back, and part of whatever was built on the property is in part of the actual track. If you look it up on google maps though it's all still there. edit:// this is what it looks like currently
  5. I chopped a second off my previous best that TT session. Lap 4 or something was a 31.4 and the send into 1 was legitimately backwards. If that had ended up being the fastest lap of the session I definitely was going to record it.
  6. Also, new fast lap for me at the Estering. 30.96 Setup was changed a little bit, turned down the brake pressure, lowered the car a bit and softened up the rear. Trying to keep the back end from swinging around on the bottom corner is a pain.
  7. https://autoweek.com/article/americas-rallycross/racer-scott-speed-breaks-back-crash-landing-im-luckiest-man-alive "...and it wasn’t even track designer Pastrana’s massive trademark jump that crosses over the dirt track below, clearing a 100-foot ramp-to-ramp gap. No, Speed’s downfall was one of the lesser jumps that he took during Friday’s qualifying. Of all the jumps on the track -- which Speed said was, in balance, “truly spectacular” -- this jump, coming off the straight, was the only one that seemed a bit off-balance. It was supposed to be a mild single jump, essentially
  8. So I just had a really dumb idea. The Jeep Renegade is 129mm shorter, 9mm narrower, and has a 99mm shorter wheelbase than the Megane. I wanna see a Supercar based on a Jeep Renegade now. In addition to a Citroen C3 based one.
  9. I feel like if they viewed it as a threat, they would have forbade Andy from commentating it, and prevented the Hansens from competing.
  10. I mean not to mention that there's Red Bull sponsored cars in WRX.
  11. Glorious RX Master Race 😎
  12. what S4 is the best season for me!
  14. The street cars were absolutely terrible, but I loved that they used them in competition, and it would be fun to see in a game.
  15. Hyundai won't happen because of the WRC licenses.
  16. Yeah, they just mentioned that it was overshooting one of the jumps and landing on the flat. If you overshot the gap jump to land on the flat you'd have to leave the jump at over 140mph. Watching the coverage now, I'm gonna bet he sailed it over the last jump on the track, the one right before they rejoin the pavement on the front straight. It's a sharp run up to a short tabletop, and everyone's spiking the brakes now before going over the top of it.
  17. Scott Speed broke his back on a landing during Q1 yesterday. He finished the run then went to the hospital and will be out for the remainder of the NRX weekend.
  18. This is the one I wish we had.
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