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  1. (Obligatory "there should be a round somewhere in October so we don't have two months between Latvia and S. Africa" post.) Loheac Entry List for WRX
  2. We don't have any in my home country for WRX(I'm in the USA), so this'll be an adventure lmao.
  3. A buddy of mines website here in the states. He sent me over the confirmation for credentials email yesterday.
  4. So I've got full photography credentials for WRX now, gonna to Canada next year and if funds allow, gonna shoot for Holjes.
  5. I just want an "all skate" option where I can run any car on any track/stage.
  6. Night option will be good. Only gripe I have with Estering is that the AI are pretty slow, and during my semi-final the cars were arranged 5 across with the inside most car having another one shoved up it's backside.
  7. I guess I'm the weirdo who never really cared for the Brands RX layout.
  8. Oh well aware, it's just a whole new experience to actually "drive" it.
  9. If I could purchase Xite for a reasonable cost in the US, I would.
  10. As I stated in the other thread, I'm kinda disappointed the MINI won't be included as of yet on the DLC schedule. I know it ain't the fastest car for whatever reason but I really enjoy that it's something different.
  11. Isn't there already a dash cam between the roof and drivers seat cam? Really hoping it does, that was the car I was looking forward to most!
  12. Honestly super disappointed about the MINI not making it. 😞
  13. It's literally the only event that has it, and it's big enough and short enough of a gap to be safe.
  14. Put Abbring into that Skoda full time. Also wanna see Bennett build a second MINI and put someone like Larsson into it to see what that thing can really do.
  15. At least with the new 2019 tracks they could start with the F1 models.
  16. The idea behind the Titans cars is solid, but good lord are they hideous.
  17. Fantastic weekend of racing in Canada, also great that it's the one event where everything happens at a decent hour for me! What did Timur say after his Semifinal win that he apologized for? I couldn't really make it out. Looks like I'll be going up there next year for the WRX weekend with media credentials so that will be fantastic.
  18. Managed to pull .8 of a second out of my PB at Trois-Rivieres last night after watching WRX from Canada. Found it funny that I'm still 5 seconds a lap quicker than the real life laps.
  19. Dirtfish is a great addition. Really hope it gets patched into Freeplay later on.
  20. Yep, and agreed. I'm not sure why rallycross hasn't taken on over here, as it's a perfect motorsport.
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