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  1. ..and over here we've got three classes of cars totaling 21 entries. 😞
  2. Excellent. My favorite car of this season, even though the results haven't been there.
  3. What's the chance we'll see the Ollie Bennett MINI in DR2.0?
  4. Agreed, but the casual fan just sees more wings and ridiculousness and that's all that matters.
  5. This is the one I really wish was represented more in games. I know why it's not but man it just looks way cooler.
  6. This dude is living his best life, damn.
  7. The Consolation Final SHOULD be a real thing in WRX. More races for the fans is always a good thing. I'm also in the camp of adding more RX tracks and cars, especially some of the older ERX tracks from the 80's and 90's. Estering will be great, the joker section is going to be TIGHT though.
  8. Simple is better and makes your sponsor logos pop more. Plus think of all the "iconic" schemes through the years, none have been absolute messes that look like someone threw up all over a car. They're simple and clean.
  9. Totally understandable! I also totally get that and would like to see a REAL long stage at each rally. I just really am a fan of the head to head style SSS's and I feel like it would be something really fun to do online with a buncha people, Race of Champions style.
  10. Totally unrelated to the current topic, but the only thing this game is really missing from the stage rally perspective are Super Special Stages like the WRC games have. The stadium stages were always my favorite.
  11. The Riga track is amazing.
  12. Same. I get mildly annoyed that when I run an RX event my car is "clean" for every heat while the AI cars just get dirtier and dirtier.
  13. I just wanna Real Gold-ify an S1 Supercar hahahah. To go with all my other simracing cars.
  14. I mean people can and have clearly extracted the templates for the cars on the PC version and are able to mod in schemes so..
  15. New here, not to the simracing genre at all though. Has any reason been given as to why the console versions of the game don't have a GT Sport/Forza style livery editor?
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