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  1. Just realised there is a built in benchmark tool within the game. Thought I might as well run it with VSYNC off just to rule out any performance issues. This test was done with graphics settings as high as they could go, and with the video on borderless windowed, as for some reason the screenshot wouldn't work while on full screen (which is how I normally play).
  2. UPDATE Just had a third crash to desktop. This crash was slightly different than the first two. This time, the crash was accompanied with a notification window. Please see below. When I clicked on the "OK" button, this window disappeared, and another one appeared. See below. Some googling revealed quite a lot of people with the same issue. One person with the same issue has an RTX 2080ti, which has 11GB of VRAM, so although the notification windows specifically mention VRAM, this is clearly not that straight forward. On the Steam forums, there have been a few solutions posted, so I am going to work my way down through some of them now. Just wanted to keep this thread updated to help with anyone trying to diagnose. Lastly, this problem doesn't appear to be unique to any particular type of system, its not even unique to F1 2018, with someone reporting the same issue with F1 2016! One very interesting thing so far is that, from what I can tell, at least two out of my three crashes have happened while on the Baku circuit. This particular crash here, happened during an invitational race weekend on Baku, during the race.
  3. Extra info including crash log now sent to community(AT)codemasters.com.
  4. Ok ive just read this post And it seems there is a lot of info I am missing. So I will update this thread with that asap. Now added to original post. As far as this post goes, I had a look over the last few pages and there doesnt seem to be anything relating to my specific issue in the past few months, so I think I am good with the starting another thread aspect.
  5. <Updated to follow the bug reporting guide as best as possible> Game Version: 1.16 Single Player - Career Mode Both crashes happened on separate days. One was during a race, the other was when I clicked to return to the garage mid race. No error message was received, just a crash to desktop first time, then a total freeze the next time I am using an Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Happy to provide the extra information via email should this be requested. Already tried: Verifying the games files on Steam. Steam reported everything was fine. <Initial Post> Hey, I see this is a very common problem with this game, and just wanted to voice and say I am also having it. I got the game a couple of days ago and it has already crashed to the desktop once, and froze once (screen freeze and sound freeze). I had to end the task from Task Manager to get out of the second one. Obviously when you lose progress due to this, the issue becomes really old really quick! PC specs shouldn't be a problem, they are: i7 4770k running at 4.4ghz EVGA RTX 2070 (GeForce Driver: 430.86) 1TB Samsung Evo SSD 32GB DDR3 RAM at 1600mhz Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, build 1803 I am running the game in full screen mode, with VSync enabled, on my Dell 60hz monitor. Monitor has been overclocked to 77hz which the game sticks at perfectly. All visual settings are on max. I keep an eye on my CPU and GPU usage in task manager and they dont even break a sweat running this game. I have quite a lot of games and this is the only one that's crashing.