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  1. @Zé Encolha. The sounds of the cars are much better than Forza Horizon 4, and the game has DNA from Driveclub, meaning the cars sound unique to each other. Also, FYI, Translate your post to English as this can be better read.
  2. Signed up for the Racing Ahead Program. Wish me Luck.

  3. Fresh new look for late 2020!

  4. @FlashStealth Translation: A new person who hasn't heard much of the game yet, and has plenty of time to decide. They can be swayed either way. A person who likes the game and enjoys it, even in the face of criticism. They mostly remain silent and hide the fact that they enjoy this game. A person who hates the fact that people are still enjoying this game, and will be very toxic to anyone who disagrees. This is NOT a valid way to dislike the game. I am a person who thinks this game can be improved, and I am basically playing Devils Advocate. I understand why you
  5. Really sad, but that is the truth. As soon as you commit the crime of mentioning that you like an arcade game, you get burned at the stake (Not literally, just for context) by people who like sims. Not every game has to be a sim, but the community behind it needs to cool down.
  6. Hey @minetti, I know you like this game as much as I do, but pinging too many moderators or Codemasters staff is against the rules. Its called spam you know...
  7. @Leocp This would be more suited to a personal blog rather than a public forum.
  8. Remember that Dirt 5 has no gameplay videos yet, so we need to wait for more gameplay.
  9. Dirt will always be my favorite series of games, whether I play a demo or the full game.
  10. That actually would get them in trouble with the manufacturers.
  11. Shame. I have a GP2 engine when it comes to F1 games.
  12. Why is split screen and being another team on the F1 career grid a problem? I do not understand...
  13. I hope you guys are staying home and staying safe during Covid-19. We live in a time of great disruption for Motorsport, but I look to gaming to solve that issue.

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