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  1. 53 days remaining until this game launches. There is plenty of time for them to get more news.
  2. Confirmed Road Courses: 13 Overall at launch. 9 confirmed so far. Bathurst Mount Panorama Suzuka Circuit (Sakitto for you Project Cars fans) Red Bull Ring (Formerly A1 Ring) Indianapolis Motor Speedway (The Brickyard) Sydney Motorsport Park (Australia, made its debut in Grid 2019) Brands Hatch Okutama (Fictional) Strada Alpina (Fictional) Cresent Valley (Fictional [Also Known as Autosport Raceway]) Confirmed Street Tracks: 9 Overall at launch. 7 confirmed so far. Chicago, Illinois Dubai, United Arab Emirates Mosc
  3. I've been playing autosport for quite some time. I plan on winning all other championships I haven't done, then replaying the entire game with Ravenwest, then completing the final championship in the game as Ravenwest.

  4. A game can not be a simulation, you know. Just because one game is a sim, DOESN'T mean all games should be a sim. There has to be at LEAST a game that allows you to just pick a car and drive. If every (Racing) game was a sim, the series would be unable to gain any players, as the series would be an elitist gatekeeping haven.
  5. Again, we still need to wait for any upcoming news / gameplay. Same goes for Demolition Derby, we still need to wait for news.
  6. Soon... Soon we will finally get that awesome info that we have all been waiting for...
  7. Got my numbers back.

    Anyways, still no news for GRID Legends.

  8. Grid 2 is unavailable (on Steam, Xbox, and Playstation) due to the licenses being expired. It is NOT because of gameplay difference. Grid Autosport also exists (With ALL DLC), on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox 360, PS3 and Steam. The newest Grid lacks that many tracks, but gameplay is great.
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