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  1. CordedQuill42

    Game Development Vs Gamer Critique

    Well, I have no idea what your deal is, but this is not how everything works. Things need to be reworked for a new game, which in fact take a lot longer than what most people think. QA (Quality Assurance) is required for most of the stuff (Like trees). For example, on a fighting game with 20 characters and 20 maps, each with two characters per match, is more than 400 matches to consider when you have to hunt down those bugs. This is really tedious, and can be very exhausting for most people who don't keep track. That is why games aren't made in a week, because the lack of support shows. You also need to control your anger. This may be as simple as not adding words that trigger a forums profanity filter or as complex as retiring from a very toxic forum. Otherwise, you will have a horrible social life (outside the forums). And again, this about game development, not graphics. Do you know that people that rage about something all the time might not realize how long it takes for something to get fixed. You cannot just modify the XML files. I am sorry if I hurt your feelings.
  2. CordedQuill42

    Skirmish ? NO thanks.

    I think he might have read it, and might have passed it on to devs. No need to bump the post again.
  3. CordedQuill42

    Why GRID 2019 looks so bad?

    It is a great solution, you can upgrade the trees so that they would look like new, and tune the graphics to more of your liking. @[SRS13]Rastus You can also get drifting to work in this game (should Codemasters not include it) But it can also lead to mods that allow people to acquire things the easy way, and some people who just grief (Ruin the multiplayer Experience for others) mod online. It has happened with Call of Duty, Halo (Reach and 4, they cannot mod 5 because the Xbox one doesn't run unsigned code), Battlefield, Basically any shooter game. It can also happen with grid if not implemented properly. I am not saying it can't work, It just needs to be properly executed.
  4. CordedQuill42

    Game Development Vs Gamer Critique

    It takes time for them to implement it into the new grid, because the entire coding needs to be reworked, otherwise it adds new glitches, and bugs are not what you want. Besides, if people find out that Codemasters copy / pasted any graphics or trees from the previous game, they will complain about it! Besides, you need to look at the gameplay, rather than the graphics. If you are blind to the gameplay, then I do not know what your standards are.
  5. CordedQuill42

    Grid 2019 Demo

    Please, just stop it with the trees argument. It doesn't help much AT ALL about the game if you say that nobody will buy this because they will be blinded by those trees. And they already confirmed no demo for this game, so what you said was just not true. This has turned from negativity to just plain trolling. If this continues, you might end up with a posting restriction. I do not care if you criticize the game, just as long as it is constructive, and you do not tell others they must join you in your argument or "There will be consequences". If you are waiting for an answer to this problem, you should private message the community manager and tell him your thoughts. I am sorry if I offended anyone.
  6. CordedQuill42

    Why GRID 2019 looks so bad?

    This is not the first time I have been called a "Fanboy". My experience on the Halo Waypoint forums (Link to my profile is in my signature) has shown that nothing cannot appease everyone. Thats what happened with Halo 4 and 5, The community was divided into two groups, the Old fans and the New fans. The old wants 343 Industries (The "new" developer of the Halo franchise) to return to classic movement mechanics, and criticize anything that moves away from that formula, whereas the new welcomed the additions to halo, and wants 343 Industries to proceed forward with those features. With that being said, The new videos showed a great graphical upgrade over the Tommy T99 videos, showing a massive support from Codemasters (I bet some even saw those posts on this topic and recommended improvements), and even showed how multiplayer would look like. In all honesty, this game doesn't need anymore delays, and It will be a great success. And if you disagree with me, well thats perfectly fine, but do not ruin the game for people who want to play it when it comes in October.
  7. CordedQuill42

    Why GRID 2019 looks so bad?

    @Omiley Don't worry about lastbreath, let him troll all he wants. The moderation team will get him eventually.
  8. CordedQuill42

    Applying for Beta testing

    Sorry about that. You need to be a content creator.
  9. CordedQuill42

    Welcome to the new GRID

    You actually can! Up to 6 races can be chosen, one after the other.
  10. CordedQuill42

    Why GRID 2019 looks so bad?

    let me explain a little more. After my "And thats totally fine" post, @Omiley arrived backing me up, and this turned into a battle, which was unnecessary and not contributing to the subject. Thats why I tagged the community managers, to help explain the situation. Look, you can complain all you want about the games Graphics (and Trees), but when it turns into a battle of others opinions, stating yours as a "Fact", and calling others who disagree "Apologizers", then there's a problem here.
  11. CordedQuill42

    Why GRID 2019 looks so bad?

    Wow, this just escalated like wildfire. I am calling a moderator to sort things out. @PJTierney @ChrisGrovesMCM
  12. CordedQuill42

    Why GRID 2019 looks so bad?

    @lastbreath @jesped And that is totally fine. But visuals do not make or break a game. When is a games graphics made or broken over trees? I am confused. Anyways, this is still a great game gameplay wise. My opinion before (me picking this game up) will not change. Maybe I will wait for reviews, maybe I will lose interest. But the way to go is forward for me, not backward. This is not my final post on this forum.
  13. I need to calm down. Seriously.

    And now I wait for the OP's response on my latest post (It surely caught their attention [hopefully its bad]). My projected probability of getting warning points has increased, so if i get banned, contact me here

    Halo Waypoint Profile

    Anyways, the Why GRID 2019 looks so bad is getting on my nerves. I might have to take heat from them first, before I can counterattack with another post.

  14. CordedQuill42

    Why GRID 2019 looks so bad?

    @lastbreath @jesped You two need to consider the positives and the negatives, not just the negatives. That is called Constructive Criticism. What you guys are doing is Destructive Criticism, just focusing on the bad parts and showing the cold shoulder to the good. Reason: Just take a look at your posts. And go ahead, Call me a Codemasters Fanboy. This post below is my original response. (I will be using this version if you try to twist it) Grid 2019 videos in the past have better graphics than the video you originally used. Just check out game riot's latest video on Grid 2019, This had Much better Graphics than the Tommy T99 videos. The official Grid Game Videos about the latest game had better graphics, too. Especially the newest video on Sydney Park. Next, what you showed in comparison was a modified version of Grid 2 (A mod that improved the graphics). This is not a good video to compare to. Lastly, Good Graphics are not equal to Great Gameplay. Do you realize that Gran Turismo 4 Is a great game, Better than Gran Turismo Sport for some people? How about Forza Motorsport 3 is better on gameplay than Forza Motorsport 7 for most people? Both Gran Turismo 4 and Forza motorsport 3 pale in comparison of graphics to their latest games, and still have a loyal fan base that prefers them over the modern games. All in all, you two will need to rethink your strategy, and then try again with a valid argument on why this games "horrible graphics" will cause this game to fail. Respond in any manner you see appropriate.
  15. CordedQuill42

    GRID 2019 - If you had one wish...

    Take a look at the "Grid will feel empty without drifting" topic. The original posters got really toxic and became aggressive to anyone who disagreed with them AFTER @ChrisGrovesMCM confirmed drifting would not come back at launch (Before that they just chimed in about why drifting could be fun in the new game). This was the reason I quit the Forza Motorsport Forums (About the Lego Speed Champions DLC), but I tried to tell one of them to calm down (Not be a jerk when you criticize Codemasters Decisions) but he got upset and ignored it. Then the topic escalated into a large battleground which caused me to get depressed. After I got help, I knew from that moment forward to tread carefully on sensitive subjects like this. Sorry If I offended anyone over this post. I am not worried about drifting returning.