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  1. CordedQuill42

    What i want to see in GRID !

    We might be able to see it return in the future, but it won't be coming at launch. Anyways, what I want to see return in the new GRID is the color filter. You can fine tune a certain color for your liveries.
  2. CordedQuill42

    Please delay the launch

    They will try and get this ironed out as time comes by. 3 months is a great amount of time to hunt down and smash most of the bugs. Not every bug will get fixed, but Codemasters will get it right sure enough. MCC was a nightmare at release, and some people were angry at it and broke the rules (and got punished soon enough), but some held on to hope, even when Halo 5 Guardians launched. This hope to a specific game (MCC, not GRID) getting fixed was answered on a live stream. Now the game (MCC) is running smoothly. Codemasters just need to get ready to handle everything that happens.
  3. CordedQuill42

    Welcome to the new GRID

    You are correct, they won't be charging anyone a dime for tracks, they are free.
  4. CordedQuill42

    GRID wil feal empty with out drifting

    Given the confirmation that drifting will not be in Grid at launch, and the amount of toxicity as the reaction, I think this thread has gotten out of control, and have served its purpose. Flagging a moderator for a lock down of this thread.
  5. I am honestly upset right now.

    The forums are a nightmare to be in when a game is about to be launched. People being toxic all over the forums when drifting has been confirmed not to be in Grid at launch (not never to return, it just won't be there at launch). A saddening mood indeed. If you feel very sad like i am feeling, then take a break from the computer. Lay down and get some sleep or talk about it with a psychiatrist to help feel better. I might post more rarely from here on out until further notice.

    1. CordedQuill42


      I may get posting restricted due to my most recent post at the time of this status update, so if you have any questions, contact me on the Halo Waypoint forums. I will still be here (I have not retired from this forum) watching posts. But I might not post myself until I am feeling better.

      Halo Waypoint Profile

    2. CordedQuill42


      I feel much better now. Thanks you all for your support. I am well rested

      It will be a while before my new posts set in, but for now, I am whole again.

  6. CordedQuill42

    GRID wil feal empty with out drifting

    This is getting more depressing by the minute... Now i am in a negative mood right now, people thinking that drifting should exist in a Grid Game, and complaining when they don't get what they want, while in preliminary testing, it may be very buggy and may crash the game. We all need to be relieved that Grid is coming back, and be patient for the reviews before voting with your wallet. I understand peoples frustrations over the lack of drifting, but taking it out on the forums is definitely something you do not want to do, when the community manager hasn't explained yet. Chris did NOT say that drifting will never come back, just not at launch. we just need to cool off and move on. If you don't wan't the game, then fine, i am not stopping you from leaving, but don't ruin the fun for others who want to enjoy the game. I am not leaving this forum anytime soon, I will refute certain things, but will concede when needed. I will still get this game (Possibly the ultimate edition) and will enjoy it. Have a nice day
  7. CordedQuill42

    GRID wil feal empty with out drifting

    But why? just because drift is not there doesn't mean its dead Racing would at least be there, you could just stick to the other games if you want drifting, but i am disappointed to say that you are too radical on your opinion, saying that grid is dead without drifting and Codemasters have finally fallen. I do not blame you for being upset, but your reaction just makes me sad. you still can enjoy drifting, but don't be jerk about it.
  8. CordedQuill42

    GRID wil feal empty with out drifting

    Well, that sucks Well i hope for a drifting Focused DLC later on, but I personally don't mind this. Id would rather have no drifting at all than a drifting mode that is very buggy. You may delay drifting and make sure this actually works, or make sure we get at least with some DLC. Demolition derby, I won't mind being gone, because I have Dirt Showdown which will replace it should it not come back.
  9. CordedQuill42

    GRID 2019 - If you had one wish...

    My wish has became true. Remember my wish as the first one. Now, about that RX7 ... It looks more like a D1GP than a Super Modified, so is that Evidence that drifting will come back?
  10. :) .This is going to be good. :)


  11. CordedQuill42

    "Only this...

    Take a very close look at that picture. The quote is from Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven", so you may already have an Idea. Who and what is coming back to GRID? Take your time, and write what you think it is. Take 3 guesses. I don't want to ruin the fun though, so I won't answer.
  12. CordedQuill42

    "Only this...

    Might be a secret message. And the only way to find out is stay tuned the Codemasters Blog or the Codemasters Forums.
  13. CordedQuill42

    GRID development team insight

    Any proof of this? Because, right now, I am pressing Y to "Doubt"
  14. CordedQuill42

    Welcome to the new GRID

    More good news: SOURCE All post launch tracks are FREE. At launch, there may look like there is only twelve, but there are 92 variants (of the twelve tracks). and all can be in rain, night, or day 69 is the number of cars in this game, and we only know 12 of them. Therefore, we need to keep an eye on the Codemasters Blog for more info. Split screen is coming post launch, for FREE. And there are ZERO Micro transactions.
  15. On Halo Waypoint:

    There has been reports of illegal copies of the Reach MCC beta online. Someone might have found a way around 343's Code of Silence, and have posted a downloadable copy for free on the internet.

    Please, don't download this. It will get you kicked out of the insider program and ban you from all of 343's games as this violates the Microsoft Terms of Service. Just wanted to let you guys know.