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  1. I am honestly upset right now.

    The forums are a nightmare to be in when a game is about to be launched. People being toxic all over the forums when drifting has been confirmed not to be in Grid at launch (not never to return, it just won't be there at launch). A saddening mood indeed. If you feel very sad like i am feeling, then take a break from the computer. Lay down and get some sleep or talk about it with a psychiatrist to help feel better. I might post more rarely from here on out until further notice.

    1. CordedQuill42


      I may get posting restricted due to my most recent post at the time of this status update, so if you have any questions, contact me on the Halo Waypoint forums. I will still be here (I have not retired from this forum) watching posts. But I might not post myself until I am feeling better.

      Halo Waypoint Profile

    2. CordedQuill42


      I feel much better now. Thanks you all for your support. I am well rested

      It will be a while before my new posts set in, but for now, I am whole again.