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  1. Let a guy disagree what he wants to disagree with. Using his opinion against him is not an OK argument.
  2. CordedQuill42

    GRID2019 Photo Thread [+VIDEOS]

    No @CrazySerbianGuy. It does not. There is no sign of gameplay.
  3. CordedQuill42

    There is so much missing ....

    Chris HATES Microtransactions, so there isn't any in Grid 2019;
  4. CordedQuill42

    GRID Modding

    Well, that is really nice! NOW you guys can start to work on improving the game for yourself! Sadly, Xbox One And PS4 cannot run unsigned code.
  5. CordedQuill42

    Watered down damage.

    I do not know what happened behind the scenes, so I cannot fully judge.
  6. CordedQuill42

    Watered down damage.

    Well, I would point the finger at Ferrari more than Codemasters. REASON: Codemasters did reduce the damage to some extent, But I really think Ferrari Feared that their cars would get crunched like a tin can, and said that they would pull licencing from the game if it shipped with that level of damage.
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    POLL | Race Driver: Grid - Remastered

    I have got to ask, Is there a source for what I bolded? I never heard them say that this game was a remaster of the original grid That is why I said "No" on this matter. I do not think it will bring people back.
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    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Sorry about that. That is up to higher up staff, not Chris.
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    GRID2019 Photo Thread [+VIDEOS]

    Useful photos for the Grid Graphics Discussion. Reserve your thoughts on those photos for over there.
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    Welcome to the new GRID

    I am not trying to shut people up. I just wish Codemasters would police this forum more.
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    GRID 2019 - If you had one wish...

    And a road map for future content...
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    Welcome to the new GRID

    I'd Really Wish Codemasters just lock this entire Grid general discussion to constructive criticism, as there have been a lot of posts attacking the developers in person. I understand everybody's troubles, the game doesn't have very much content, and multiplayer is not what we expected. But that doesn't give you the proper reasoning to attack the developers character.
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    Welcome to the new GRID

    Grid 2019 officially launches tomorrow for ALL. Checkered Flag Goes out!
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    At least try. Manufacturers now are too sensitive.
  15. CordedQuill42

    Welcome to the new GRID

    That would shock me if I saw that IRL. I do not know if it's legal however.
  16. @jesped Already listened to it. Proved some good points (Like reduction of damage). @ChrisGrovesMCM said that there will be a "Customary Launch Patch". Maybe It will come on the eleventh of September, not sure.
  17. Nathan McKane quit Ravenwest after Grid Autosport, and he is no longer the lead driver. All the guys of Ravenwest (except for Rick Scott) contracts ran out and they had to be let go. Some of them joined other teams, or even went to Dirt Rally 2.0. However, Ravenwest is still a major threat after many, many years. This time, they might not be as active as Race Driver Grid, or Grid Autosport, but the new lead driver has a score to settle... Harrison Carter, the first guy you face in Grid 2, takes up the helm as the main driver, and he is not happy after you "Stole" his trophy in the WSR in Grid 2. Out with a revenge like state, expect him to be as menacing as McKane, but he has a weakness, he has trouble when faced off with your unexpected ally... Nathan McKane is inspired to join your side after all these years in Autosport. His skills can come in handy in some the most harshest of races. But only the best need apply...
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    WOW Mediocre reviews ...

    There are 4 "Positive" reviews (3 by developers, one by a user) and one "Mixed" review (One user)
  19. CordedQuill42

    Watered down damage.

    Yeah, I bet Ferrari and Porsche do not like it when their cars get smashed like tin cans. I also think Toyota didn't like their cars being wrecked around like that so thats why they are only with Gran Turismo sport (The game that has no damage, yet will disqualify you in driving tests should you tap the bumper of the car) Appeasing the Manufacturers requires you to tone down damage. That is sadly how they like it sometimes.
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    Welcome to the new GRID

    @_BorisTheFrog_ Your flaming on that thread was minor so I added a (Sometimes) next to your name. I wanted to mention you because that post would take up too much space if I quoted it. Note I was never intending to attack you in any way. I can remove your mention if you so wish. but keep in mind that what was said on that forum can never be recovered because it has been closed by Chris.
  21. CordedQuill42

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Drat! I was beaten AGAIN! First on the Havana thread, second here. Well, I need to increase my pace Allow us to change our sponsors, even if only some are available for some liveries (Like No Fear for Motorsport, or ADVAN for JDM) Bringing back drifting for FREE with free cars dedicated to the mode would bring back a majority of the community.
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    where to buy ??

    PlayStation store (for PS4) Microsoft store (for Xbox One) Steam (For a PC with windows 10 and DX12)
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    Welcome to the new GRID

    Hold your horses, I am going to ask you three questions. Not all have to be answered Immediately. Have you played the game yourself? When did you start playing TOCA (Not just the grid series) What do you consider to be the best Codemasters game (Not just the racing games, Operation Flashpoint or Overlord is also a valid answer)
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    Welcome to the new GRID

    its optional, but it is called being polite. Sorry for my mood, but after the games launch, people started rushing the forums with new accounts.
  25. CordedQuill42

    Welcome to the new GRID

    In reality, This forum got flooded with new accounts (Although not all of them are breaking the rules). Anyone can sign up here without an IQ test, but they need to take a look at the forum rules, and put their first post on the introduce myself part before they do anything else.