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    GRID the most underrated car game

    @FlashStealth Translation: A new person who hasn't heard much of the game yet, and has plenty of time to decide. They can be swayed either way. A person who likes the game and enjoys it, even in the face of criticism. They mostly remain silent and hide the fact that they enjoy this game. A person who hates the fact that people are still enjoying this game, and will be very toxic to anyone who disagrees. This is NOT a valid way to dislike the game. I am a person who thinks this game can be improved, and I am basically playing Devils Advocate. I understand why you are angry, but when you call the game dead when it STILL has people playing it, then you need to look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself "What have I done?"
  2. CordedQuill42

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT 5

    "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad" Dirt 5: delayed from October 3rd to 16th, and then delayed to November 6th. Halo Infinite: Delayed from this year (at the time of this post) to 2021
  3. CordedQuill42

    Learn the lesson people !!

    Really sad, but that is the truth. As soon as you commit the crime of mentioning that you like an arcade game, you get burned at the stake (Not literally, just for context) by people who like sims. Not every game has to be a sim, but the community behind it needs to cool down.
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    GRID Season 3 - Arriving April 15th

    Hey @minetti, I know you like this game as much as I do, but pinging too many moderators or Codemasters staff is against the rules. Its called spam you know...
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    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT 5

    Check this out.
  6. CordedQuill42

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT 5

    Is there a problem with a game being arcade?
  7. CordedQuill42

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT 5

    I wonder about the new feature that wasn't revealed. Maybe it is a Track maker. I wish to make some tracks based off dirt 2. I will wait for confirmation.
  8. CordedQuill42

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT 5

    Is the Ariel Nomad Tactical, Audi TT Safari, and the VW Beetle Rallycross exclusive to amplified, or do we just already have them in the garage, and therefore can be purchased from the Dealer if just get standard. @PJTierney? sorry if I have to mention a developer.
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    Final nail...

    @Leocp This would be more suited to a personal blog rather than a public forum.
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    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT 5

    Micro Machines already offers this tho.
  11. CordedQuill42

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT 5

    I have great showdown vibes from the trailer. Again, repeating from @PJTierney, use the discord link for more active communication.
  12. Remember that Dirt 5 has no gameplay videos yet, so we need to wait for more gameplay.
  13. CordedQuill42

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Here is the Trailer.
  14. CordedQuill42

    Dishing the DIRT - Two Teams, One Future

    Dirt will always be my favorite series of games, whether I play a demo or the full game.
  15. CordedQuill42

    Can you change the colour for the Ferrari fxxk?

    That actually would get them in trouble with the manufacturers.
  16. CordedQuill42

    Codemasters sim or Arcade?

    Shame. I have a GP2 engine when it comes to F1 games.
  17. CordedQuill42

    "Were not done with grid yet"

    I played Forza Horizon 4 ON LAUNCH with Xbox Game Pass.
  18. For this, try to look up the controls in the menu. Main Menu -> Options -> Controls -> Edit Input. Try to take it slow, and drive with 0 AI on the tracks. Increase your speed overtime. Follow the above tip, and you will improve your perception. I think you need to ask the Google stadia team about this. I would stick to TC-2 (Touring Cars), Classic Mini Cup (Invitational), and Modified (Tuner) cars as they are the easiest to drive.
  19. CordedQuill42

    G'day folks.

    Welcome, Welcome! Here is some advice for the threads. Codemasters Lounge is your basic off topic discussion. [YOU ARE HERE] Formula One has high traffic due to the upcoming release of F1 2020. Dirt is a highly welcoming location, as players there are very helpful. Grid is very unforgiving for new users at the moment, so be careful. Onrush is dead, don't post there, you won't find any luck. Same thing as Micro Machines, you will find nothing useful here. Formula One Mobile is a highly risky location, again, be careful. The Forum Rules are pinned at the top. Enjoy your stay.
  20. CordedQuill42

    Codemasters sim or Arcade?

    Why is split screen and being another team on the F1 career grid a problem? I do not understand...
  21. CordedQuill42

    "Were not done with grid yet"

    I doubt this is a one last patch thing, or a thing in which they will just leave it dead. If they aren't done with the game, they plan on doing more things with it.
  22. CordedQuill42

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    It is done and dusted.
  23. CordedQuill42

    F1® 2020 | Announce Trailer

    This is my first time I am on the F1 forums. I plan on entering the F1 2020 BETA as soon as it is available on Xbox One.
  24. I hope you guys are staying home and staying safe during Covid-19. We live in a time of great disruption for Motorsport, but I look to gaming to solve that issue.

  25. CordedQuill42

    GRID Season 3 - Coming this month

    I hope content keeps coming for this game AFTER season 3.