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  1. A short description of the problem: Every time I try to open the game, it starts opening and loading (and sometimes I can play for 5 min), but then the game freezes and then crashes. Platform you’re on (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Steam): Steam Game Version (Shown on the Start screen in the bottom left hand corner): 1.16 I think Game Mode, including if it was Single Player or Multiplayer (Time Trial, Career, Grand Prix, Custom Game etc): All game modes If in Multiplayer, how many players and how many AI?: - What happened in the lead up to the problem?: 1 month ago, I was playing Carrer Mode in Sochi and I pressed alt+tab because I wanted to minimise the game. Later I wanted to open the game to close it with alt+F4 but the game didn't open and crashed. Since then, I tried verifying local files, I tried reinstalling the game but it always crashes. If you get an error message, the exact wording of the error message you're receiving: No error message Any accessories you are using (wheel, pad, etc): XBOX One controller for PC If you have any videos or screenshots, please share them. If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears: Crash file, dxdiag and hardware settings configuration attached. Steam ID: 76561198151508996 Thanks. crash_dump#76561198151508996.zip DxDiag.txt hardware_settings_config.xml