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  1. Matching assist and no assist players in Ranked is ridiculous, especially in rain and 25% races. Tuning is flat out broken (leaderboard cars have the exact same camber and toe on every single track from Monaco to Monza). Exterior cams being in Assists has been requested since the beginning, yet people driving from the cockpit are still forced to compete with people sitting on top of the car with exponentially better visibility. Still no option for a virtual Mirror, incredible considering you can't see the mirrors in cockpit through 80% of the adjustable FOV range. Those are very, very basic and fundamental things that need to be fixed in any modern "offical" racing game. Especially one that promotes to a sim/simcade crowd with wheels. Still not a single laser or even drone scanned track. The Dirt Rally 2.0 team's courses are every bit as accurate as the F1 team's circuits. Anyone that knows how long those courses are should be shocked by that. All of these things have been asked for repeatedly.
  2. DaleRossi

    Fix Suzuka Bump PLS

    Nothing needing to be fixed will be fixed. Just more skins and paints for $$$. The bump is bad just like not having a single laser scanned track us bad.
  3. DaleRossi

    Intentional Crashing - Ranked Matches

    lol Sloppy asked what was wrong with the league/game. I dont care if cams are on the moon. There are just several fundamental flaws that they dont fix, yet they do continue to release $$$ holiday paint jobs, helmets, gloves, and race suits.
  4. DaleRossi

    Intentional Crashing - Ranked Matches

    Overall, it was great. No way to lock exterior cams is an incredible decision by Codemasters, though. The only thing more inexcusable than that would be neglecting to put tires on the cars.lol I haven't played F1 in a almost 2 months because Codies has zero interest in fixing anything. It was my first F1 since 2013 and it will be my last for a long time unless they fix fundamentals flaws. Same toe/camber dominates every track, doesnt matter if it is Monaco or Monza. Lobbies mixing assist with no assist players and that goes doubly for Ranked, beyond broken AI in the weekly challenges, no way to force cockpit cam, etc. Getting brake checked by the AI in the Weekly was the last race of any sort in F1. Back to PCars. Brake checked going into a DRS zone:
  5. DaleRossi

    Any further updates for F1 2019?

    Exterior cams in assists like any other real world racer? Fix tuning so the same camber and toe doesnt dominate every track, from Monza to Monaco? Laser scanned and accurate tracks that have been standard since last gen in real world racers? AI that doesn't brake check you going into DRS? At least one single competition/lobby for no assist users? Standard things people have been needing for months, yet all we get are DLC car paint, suits, gloves, and helmets (each sold separately). It wouldn't be so bad if Codies didnt have it in them. The clearly do as Dirt 2.0 is very good. Many people came to F1 19 for the first time in years because it was supposed to have been improved. Wheels are heavily marketed for this game and in this game, yet there is Zero concern for the sim racers that use them. Have a nice day, looking forward to the Christmas helmets etc.
  6. DaleRossi

    AI in qualy is just pathetic

    AI is an embarrassment. In my last weekly, I got brake checked...going into a DRS zone.
  7. DaleRossi

    F1 2019 Worth £22?

    I will Give you $20 to take it. It should be great, but has so many fundamentally bad things that it's ridiculous. Save your money and get PCars 2 with all the DLC. They actually have laser scanned tracks and put some effort into physics. The "Offical F1" game doesnt have a single laser scanned track. Not one. That has been standard since Xbox 360 on consoles. The same tuning camber and toe settings set the fastest times on all tracks. Doesnt matter if it is Monaco or Monza. That should NEVER happen. If you're just a casual gamer, maybe it is worth 10. If you want any semblance of realism in racing, it is incredibly bad. Actually, Codies did a great job with Dirt Rally 2.0. It has it's issues, but it is very very good.
  8. DaleRossi


    They need to rebuild this game from the ground up. Laser scanned tracks, actual physics and tuning, etc. Then release a great title and sell DLC for new seasons/circuits. Until then, it will remain a shoddy money grab. The game came out this year and it is still light years behind other console wheel racers like PCars 2 and Assetto Corsa. No option to force cockpit view while creating fake characters for career shows just how serious they take the "Official F1" title. This was my first F1 since 2013 or so and it will be my last until they put out a AAA title worth buying.
  9. DaleRossi

    Need Help: RX2 Car Setup

    Stiffen front springs. The dirt to tarmac section, you need to stay in the throttle to keep some weight on the rear tires. To do that, the line must be good and you should be unwinding the wheel a bit there. As you unwind, you can increase throttle.
  10. DaleRossi

    The most boring track on f1?

    Paul Ricard is pretty damn bad. Can't stand Yas Marina, either.
  11. DaleRossi

    Masterfully Coded AI in the Weekly Event

    I use the same FFB on all of them. If the MP car feels super light like it does sometimes, I'll bump it up. 45 FFB and 10 to 15 on road feel, curbs, etc. Damper is 7 or 10, I don't remember exactly. This is with Fanatec Formula V2. What wheel do you have again? Our league is 100% and raving with a high FFB just wouldn't be great for the wheel. Aside from that, clipping is a real probability if you are that high, unless you have an entry-level wheel. Put it on 50 with about 1/3 of that for the other forces and maybe 10 damper. Then run 10 or 15 laps and see if you feel a little more of what the car is doing. Oversteer, or whatever it is called, turned Off also.
  12. DaleRossi

    Masterfully Coded AI in the Weekly Event

    Buy them. They are both very very good. If I wasn't in a 100% F1 league, I'd be playing those predominantly. We have 1 race left in the season and then it's back to the others. If you have a wheel and are on console, they are must owns! The open wheel cars in Assetto are phenominal. PCars had a lot more bells and whistles and a really good career.
  13. DaleRossi

    F1 game research, your voice matters!

    "We take customer feedback seriously. In doing so, we have released all new Holiday car paint, suits, and helmets. (Each sold separately) Enjoy, CM F1 Team"
  14. DaleRossi

    Masterfully Coded AI in the Weekly Event

    Wouldn't be so bad had it not taken 3 tries, hour by hour each, to get into the race in the first place.
  15. DaleRossi

    Masterfully Coded AI in the Weekly Event

    Agreed. They wouldn't have to resort to AI in weeklies if more people played it. But who the hell wants the hassle? Spend all this time to learn a track and have garbage like that happen.l, when it launches in the first place. And when it doesn't launch, wait another hour to try again. And then again.