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  1. DaleRossi

    Fix Suzuka Bump PLS

    Nothing needing to be fixed will be fixed. Just more skins and paints for $$$. The bump is bad just like not having a single laser scanned track us bad.
  2. DaleRossi

    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    Pads have built-in traction assist. People in many leagues switched back to pad just to keep up. I use a wheel and cockpit because I enjoy sim racing. If I cared more about winning at any cost, absolutely I would be on a pad and using TCam.
  3. DaleRossi

    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    lol And last time I checked, they don't drive from the top of the car so they can "see better." 620x349.webp
  4. DaleRossi

    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    Bingo. Add the pad and TCam and no other assist, that's an insane advantage. Over a 5 laps race, it is big. Over longer races, it grows exponentially.
  5. DaleRossi

    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    They've given the finger to sim drivers every step of the way. Those using a wheel and cockpit are at 2 massive disadvantages right off the bat. No option to force cockpit view, like every other sim (even on console) is absolutely incredible. Dirt 2.0 is very good. This is the first F1 I've owned since 2013 or so and it will be my last unless they fix fundamental flaws. GUARANTEED none of them will be fixed in coming months. There will be a couple trivial changes and then $$$ Thanksgiving and Christmas car paint, suits, and gloves.
  6. Agree 100%. Dirt Rally is very very good. F1 has potential, but there are just some embarrassingly poor decisions made for it that kill it. Imagine that Dirt has an option to lock out exterior cams, but F1 does not. So you have sim racers competing against people sitting on top of the car so they can see better. The Dirt crew is active with the community here. F1 is a ghost town. The game has serious problems and all we get are new skins available for purchase, even the Legends owners have to pay $3 if they just want the new car paint. Helmet, gloves, and suits all sold separately. Aside from the mess that typically comes with DLC being released on Xbox and a few soung bugs, Dirt is phenominal.
  7. The setup is maybe more important in Finland than anywhere else. Still working on it and probably will be for a long while.lol
  8. DaleRossi

    Fix Suzuka Bump PLS

    "Dear Community, We take our customers' concerns seriously. In doing so, we proudly release long awaited Thanksgiving helmets, suits, and car paint ( each sold separately). Thank you for yo biznassss."
  9. DaleRossi

    Fix Suzuka Bump PLS

    I didnt realize there were That many. But, at least we have new Halloween skins. The car was nearly $3.lol
  10. DaleRossi

    Fix Suzuka Bump PLS

    Now you tell me.lol 100% race with rain and finished 3rd in our league. That info would have been helpful. Lmao :cheers:
  11. Hail that beats the **** out of cars and breaks windshields, lights, etc. Hail, thunder and lightning, all of that. lol
  12. As of late last night, they were both there but on the 206 showed up in the game after resetting etc. I'm sure they're both there now. 206 is a blast. Very nervous car for sure.
  13. Incredible that someone doesn't ensure it works before announcing it.
  14. You guys do some kickass things and I tell all my wheel-using friends that this game is a must own. This happens more often than not, though. And that is not an exaggeration.
  15. Season 3 pass holder on Xbox Live. It says I don't own these. Again. 😕