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  1. matane

    Dirt Rally Crash

    @lucag120 Well, for me i don't need to open task manager, the game just shut down itself and it's Dirt Rally not 2.0 . Maybe just advanced blending bugs , i'm not sure, i just turned that off and resetting graphic option to ultra and not changing anything else manually , that solved the problem for now....
  2. matane

    Dirt Rally Crash

    Ok now every time i resume to race the game closed to desktop, it's more than 10 times in a row, so i started to find a way to fix it without restarting the race, So i try to change the advanced graphic setting in game to set it to ultra without changing manually or custom (blending not enabled by default) and make sure video mode in the right resolution and magically i can resume the race with no crashes now, it's been 2 hours so far no problem for now... Other than that i also unchecked 'show fps' via steam setting too, I don't know if that related or not. I can't say if it's a fix or not but let's see later on
  3. matane

    Dirt Rally Crash

    When it happens the screen just freeze, the sound and the game actually still running for few minutes, then the game closed to desktop no additional info There's no sign when will happen, few minutes into the game, playing for few laps, even exactly at the same spot during the race like when you resume the race and crashes at the corner then it'll happen again at the same spot. If i can play more than an hour, usually no problem after that. Graphic all ultra or high, using new driver, using 2 driver before that and the result just the same, i can use alt-tab etc no problem Other games are normal no crash,
  4. matane

    Dirt Rally Crash

    So how do you read this crash dump file? No one or tools to read this files? The game just crashed to desktop with no info whatsoever. Unbelievable
  5. Help me, this game crashes today, no problem yesterday , now everytime i played it always crashes at the same spot , like when i try benchmark mode, it always crashes at the same corner(spot). Here's the dump files drt_1145105_crash_2019_6_6T21_21_28C0.mdmp drt_1145105_crash_2019_6_6T21_14_13C0.mdmp