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  1. What's annoying is saying majority of people are online, It's not working for anybody lol. Way to make a first impression on all the possible dlc customers from psn+.
  2. That progress is definitely not on ps4.
  3. Why don't you guys make a game that works, why was it decided that we have to login to janky servers to play the main mode when it's offline anyway.
  4. I'm assuming Ps4 is also offline with the influx of new players from psn+? Havnt been able to get on all day.
  5. x7eight

    GRID Season 3 - Coming this month

    9 per season or 3 in each season? I'm not sure how hidden achievements work, I only play on ps4, so this is good news.
  6. x7eight

    GRID Season 3 - Coming this month

    Is it with this upcoming update that we are getting trophies and achievements for the seasons?
  7. x7eight

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack – Available Now

    A dirt rally 2.0 dynamic Ps4 theme with some iconic cars, gravel particles etc cycling through and some peaceful music would be epic. 😄 Anyhoo, would I be safe to do most of them but leave an easier 1 for last and back up my save file before completing just in case ? I am going to do this regardless. But depending on how long it takes me a patch may come sooner. Thank you for the prompt response on the issue though.
  8. x7eight

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack – Available Now

    Reseting your progress is not a solution, lol.
  9. Again I started over, and yet again crazy gbugged cpu time on stage 3.
  10. Please fix your pos Colin mcrae challenges cpu times, they are constantly glitched out and giving out ridiculous times. Way to go on a 5 stage challenge doing very well keeping ahead of the cpu then it does 6:08 instead of 6:27 on stage 3 as it should, (5 stage challenge in greece with the s4) It's all fine to restart the challenge and get the right time, but when you're halfway though a very hard multi stage and it glitches you have to start over after spending hours getting sufficient times in the first 2 challenges. complete nonsense. It's not complicated to have set times for these things, I'm not sure how you guys managed to make them glitch out.
  11. x7eight

    McRae DLC problem

    That time of 2:12 on that monte Carlo challenge on stage 3 was bugged for you, I did it today and the cpu was doing 2:31 which is actually managable.
  12. x7eight

    Season 3 + 4 Pass

    Looks like they have updated the pricing again, now season 3+4 costs 30% more than all seasons 1-4. This is still more expensive than buying the game itself as it's always on sale. Ridiculous.
  13. x7eight

    Enhanced single player mode

    Anything with any kind of progression would be great, maybe in the next game.
  14. x7eight

    Season 3 + 4 Pass

    That doesn't stop them from discounting it in the complete package, They do it on purpose because they know that most likely the people that bought the game early might be willing to pay more.
  15. This is extremely frustrating I refuse to buy s3 and s4 it for full price when the game and all dlc (s1-s4) costs the same whenever it goes on sale every other week. Stop punishing early adopters and put this up for sale in the next psn sale. And all platforms and regions. Thank you.