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  1. darrelm47

    Joining ranked session doesnt work F1 2018

    I am trying to get into or host any multiplayer session? Haven't been able to join one in three days, I can see the list on non-ranked session but when I attempt to join I get Error Unable to join session. I go into Ranked, vote for a race and sit there waiting for others to join and either after 2 hours or more no other player enter or they cannot enter due to ????? After multiple google searches for an answer I have forwarded ports 4380, ports 6112-6122 and ports 2700-27037 both UDP & TCP to my PC'S IP address, opened same ports on my Windows 10 firewall plus disabled that firewall and still same results. Following Hoo's suggestions I have rebooted both the PC (Windows 10) and the router (Cisco RV042). Ran speed test on my network 53mbps up and 8mbps up. Nothing in the router logs showing any blocks and nothing out of the ordinary in the Windows logs. I have post in codemasters and steam support forums requesting clarification on the correct firewall setups required to play the game with ZERO responses on either in 3 days. I know the game is capable of being played in multiplayer because I see the games available there in unranked but "no one" appears to want to advise new players on how to set their systems up to be able to join in Multiplayer. I must assume there are currently enough good drivers playing in multiplayer that no more are desired.
  2. I need to know the real accurate router and firewall settings to run F1 2018/2019 in Multiplayer mode. Google searches return so many different peoples opinions of what they think are the correct Windows firewall and router settings should be and yet following those I still get ERROR Unable to join session every time I attempt to join a multiplayer race, and when I host my own race no one every joins which could mean simply no one every joins after hours of being hosted in the lobby but I suspect that no one can join due to improper firewall/router configuration on my end. Currently I believe (found on at least 3 different Google searches) that ports 6112-6122 and 27000 thru 27037 both UDP and TCP along with port 4380 UDP need to be forwarded at the router to the PC's IP address and those same port opened on the PC's firewall. However, since I have done this without success I would like to see the CODEMASTER's official guidelines on this. Much Thanks, Darrel