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  1. Dear Codies,
    once again, thank you so much for your great work, really enjoying to drive in this Sim. Love it

    After 16 hours of gameplay some more feedback to make it even better in m ypoint of view:

    Gravel physics:
    (I know there are already similar requests)
    I find accelerating on gravel quite good - maybe the wheel spin could be even more when on full throttle -  , but the breaking behaviour is a bit strange.... the cars in general break "too well" and the car is too less sliding on gravel when hard breaking.

    more realisitc Damage model:
    has been raised so often , nothing more to add in this respect , just my +1 for this issue

    Increase gear change times on Grp A cars:
    tested a bit with different gearbox pre settings, but even on short gear transmission, there is this annoying "lag" when shifting up the gears...  when watching IRL videos , the up shifting sequences are a bit quicker than in DR.

    Increase engine torque on Grp A cars:
    (maybe this also applies to other classes , but so far I ve driven mostly with Delta / 555 impreza and Escort..)
    the torque should be higher... its hard to force a donut , even on wet conditions...  the power development when accelerating out of tight corners, hairpins seems to weak

    Stage variation / more countries:
    also a vastly raised topic, but I can only endlessly repeat: FOCUS ON DEVELOPING MORE COUNTRIES and STAGES and avoid cutting one and the same long track into various smaller ones, but in the end being the same stages. Of course its fully clear that creating  NEW and LONG stages takes alot more time then simply cutting or reversing them, but thats exactly the point where the Modding Community should get acess to participate !  Codies still keeps the hands on to decide which stage  is realistic enough to officially make it into Dirt rally, but the Fan base should be involved here !  maybe rewarding the talented guys out there with something would be additionally motiviating...but there are many many talented guys out there , who could make this SIM even more outstanding. 

    *** Stage / country variation is in my oppinion one of the biggest points to keeping the SIM alive for a long time and gathering more and more players... ***

    of course Im very much excited about the upcoming Finland and Winter updates, but on the long run, the community should get the hands on this issue...

    Imagine in the future we have Dirt daily stages online challenges like "tyremac special - 3 MANX Rally stages by the Irish fan crowd....next week there are some french or german guys who are delievering a Germany Moselland stages update or Alsace country add on....  that would  be awesome... 

    More Cars / conquering licensing issues:
    why is licensing giving awesome sims like DR and others such a hard time nowadays?
    PORSCHE is a must have also for a Rally SIM !  Correct me I f Im wrong but "Project Cars  solves this licensing problem by running  "RUF" cars into their SIM.  why not asking RUF to get the license for Dirt Rally and then introducing a RUF - R-GT car into the Sim ?
    the Fan Crowd would be overwhelmed by such developments !!

    Toyota not being part of DR: this is so sad. why licensing troubles here ? the good old CMR rally series had Corolla + Celica and up to Dirt 3, we had Celica GT4 in the game. why is the Toyota licensing no more  available for DR ?

     thats my feedback and thoughts on the SIM for now, keep up the awesome work guys,

    a big FAN

  2. Klogg4 said:
    Audi Sport Quattro feels too weak and understeery, which makes this car unbalanced, I suggest changing it to more powerful Quattro S1 to make it more competitive comparing to Peugeot 205 and Lancia Delta S4. Also you need to match sound with revs, cuz now they don't actually match, for example on 6,5k rpm you hear the sound like it's rotating on almost 9k rpm. It should be much lower.
    Guys pls read and learn more about the real cars before giving critics..the Sport quattro was well known for its understeering behaviour ! walter röhrl said the car is nearly "unturnable" on its initial event in tour de corse 1984....

     so, the car in this respect  is well simulated by codies ! 

  3. The gear-lag in group A and Group B cars must go. It destroys the feeling. And the B-cars should be way more aggressive and hard to drive, they are all to "lame". Also, for the kitcars. They should have more distinct, aggressive sound and feel more "crazy-fwd". No more gear-lag, plz.
    +1 for the  gear lag of group A cars... they seem to shift a bit too slow...

    as for the group b cars it seems ok.

    kit cars feel ok... but engine torque could be a bit higher and gear changes also quicker

  4. sqdstr said:ū
    Maybe some ERC rally locations instead of always the same WRC ones?
    Would be nice to see Ypres Rally in a rally game for once :)

    Kemmelberg 2014:

    Kemmelberg 2015:

    so much +1 for ERC rally events in in Dirt rally

    especially Ypres rally would be an awesome addition !. and ypres fits perfectly for many classes as it was always party of european rally Champion ship ( group  B era , group A era, WRC ........) !!!