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  1.   sry but I just had to slightly laugh on their second moment.  any damage? yeah ! brakes gone! boom ! lol feel sry for them though
  2. Dear Codies, once again, thank you so much for your great work, really enjoying to drive in this Sim. Love it After 16 hours of gameplay some more feedback to make it even better in m ypoint of view: Gravel physics: (I know there are already similar requests) I find accelerating on gravel quite good - maybe the wheel spin could be even more when on full throttle -  , but the breaking behaviour is a bit strange.... the cars in general break "too well" and the car is too less sliding on gravel when hard breaking. more realisitc Damage model: has been raised so often , nothing more to a
  3. Guys pls read and learn more about the real cars before giving critics..the Sport quattro was well known for its understeering behaviour ! walter röhrl said the car is nearly "unturnable" on its initial event in tour de corse 1984....  so, the car in this respect  is well simulated by codies ! 
  4. +1 for the  gear lag of group A cars... they seem to shift a bit too slow... as for the group b cars it seems ok. kit cars feel ok... but engine torque could be a bit higher and gear changes also quicker
  5. so much +1 for ERC rally events in in Dirt rally especially Ypres rally would be an awesome addition !. and ypres fits perfectly for many classes as it was always party of european rally Champion ship ( group  B era , group A era, WRC ........) !!!
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