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  1. blowingtrees

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Car Setups

    Just want to say thanks for the setups!. I play dirt casually when I get off work and neve really tried to tune my cars. I came across this site a while ago and it really has improved my times on some courses but also really depends on how tores I am after work. If your tired you just want get good times at all but console of the courses i have gained 30 seconds so I say keep on keeping on. Your doing a great job.
  2. blowingtrees

    Estering, Germany - Available Now

    I'm having the same problem. Says I have to purchase the new estwerjng track when I am a dirt season owner . Also when I go to the xbox store all content even content in already is showing i can buy it again. makes mo sense must me a bug. Please fix.
  3. has anyone else. ot been receiving there credits from daily challenges the last couple of days. its seems that I have not recieved any credits for the last 2 days of daily challenges.
  4. blowingtrees


    Wondering if anyone else stopped getting there credits for daily's 2 days ago
  5. blowingtrees


    Hello Everyone I'm new here.