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  1. KevinYUAN

    The RaceNet service is not available

    The tricky point is, not try DR2 server, but the Dirt 4 server in UU Accelerator. UU Accelerator has a 3-day trial period for each phone number in mainland, and I believe your close friends' phone numbers could afford you 20+ days free trial. Hope the problem could be fixed by then. Good luck to all of us~
  2. KevinYUAN

    The RaceNet service is not available

    Here is one solution: try "UU Accelerator/UU加速器"(which I think is a VPN in nature), and accelerate the Dirt 4 (pay attention: it's Dirt 4 instead of DR2). It is working and I received all my credits in Month Events.
  3. KevinYUAN

    The RaceNet service is not available

    Hi JKangSC, I do have the same issue with you. I totally lose the connection to Racenet, I tried 10+ times a day, from morning to the evening, however, it always shows the failure. So annoying....
  4. KevinYUAN

    Daily challenge rewards not received.

    At least you could get connected to the Racenet. I even could not link to the Racenet from early June. What a pity
  5. Hi Friend, I have exactly same question with you. I am in Mainland China, and I failed to sign in since 2 June(for both my DR2 and DR)(steam platform). Sincere hope there's a solution, and with it is not political related.