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  1. Liendalle

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Input on Inputs!

    How are you getting on with the input configuration options in-game? Various : it's ok for some devices, or part of device, and difficult for other : on my steering wheel / pedals (Thrusmaster TX and TH8A), it's ok for pedals calibrations, and I have some ridiculous angle during my Steering wheel calibration (over 10000 ° or rotation... Yes, ten thousand) Are they easy to find, easy to understand? Find : yes, understand : no. Is it easy to understand in-game what each of the settings mean and do? Yes. Is there anything in this regard you think the team could do better in the future? Add some handbrake calibration. And more tips on each option. How are you finding the in-game tools and configuration options? Not bad, not good. Various. How do you feel about how the game handles external configuration files? What are your thoughts on how the game handles multiple input devices, and switching between them? It's ok, it's perfectly detected and works fine. My main problem with inputs configuration is that I don't understand why the handbrake is not more detailed. We are in a rally game and actually, the handbrake fells like digital. In other simulation, my handbrake is well detected and progressive. Under windows, my handbrake is seen as an analogic input, and I have the axe and see the progression when I use my handbrake. In DiRT 2.0, my handbrake is detected, the axe is indicated, but the feeling is digital, like it use 10% of the axe, and it seems to act as an ON / OFF input.. Your feedback is always valued and in this particular scenario it will help the team not only with the future of DiRT Rally 2.0 but also in the development and implementation of other titles that are being planned for the future, like GRID. I'm not sure I'll buy another codemasters game when I see how DiRT 2.0 was released... Cars' physics is ok, but FFB is absent for some steering wheels. Handbrake is not correctly managed... And, for console players (I'm PC player) who bought the Deluxe edition, every new DLC seems to be available only few days after release due to bug (like they didn't buy it)... And the same problem appears at each DLC...