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  1. So almost 4 weeks without being able to play this game. I'm about to give up on it. Too bad. Is there any way to revert to a previous version with Steam?
  2. Is this still happening for anyone else? I'm about to just give up on the game. I cannot complete a race so the game is pretty useless to me.
  3. Troxx

    Error mesagge -GRID 2019

    I am having the crash after every single race. It does not save the results so I am pretty much unable to play the game. I am not happy and if this would have happened in the first 2 weeks I would have returned the game. What exactly are the developers doing? Counting their money? Get this game fixed! I put a different post
  4. I tested with my onboard video disabled in windows. Still crashing after every race. I agree with Kolbuddy, this really seems to be an issue in their code rather than the video drivers. When I first got the game it would crash when starting most races unless I ran at 1920x1080 @ 60hz. Codemasters kept telling me that it was because I have multiple sound cards (for bass shakers). I insisted that all my other games (including dirt rally 2) work fine with my sound cards. So I just got used to playing at 1920x1080@60hz until the first patch came out. Then all of the sudden I was able to play at 3440x1440@100hz. Go figure... I'm really regretting getting the ultimate edition if this is the kind of quality I can expect with each patch. I really don't want to have my game broken every other patch.
  5. The first patch seemed to fix my issues at the time but then this new patch comes out and now every time I finish a race, I get a crash to desktop. I have a RX 580 using driver 19.9.2 (installed clean today). Using Windows 10 (up to date) I have a few different controllers. Fanatec elite pedals, Logitech g920 (using wheel and shifter), and a DIY arduino handbrake. I have 16GB ram and Ryzen 5 2400g. I just realized that my onboard video card was not disabled. I have disabled that and will test again. (Stupid HP MB won't let me disable the onboard video) On an MSI utra wide 3440x1440 monitor @ 100hz. My system has been working fine with Dirt Rally 2.0 and a lot of other games so I'm pretty sure the issue is not my system. This is the only game giving me trouble. Is anyone else having similar issues? The race is fine, but once I get into the after race screens it crashes to desktop. There doesn't seem to be a specific after race screen that does it. Including my crash dump info. Thanks! B crashrpt.xml hardware_settings_config.xml