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  1. It's not just that others games support a mouse but all do that I have played in the last 25 years, this series is the only one that doesn't. I get the impression the PC version is just a console port just so there is something to keep the PC users happy.
  2. Well there has to be some reasoning behind it and someone offered an opinion of what it could be, didn't say it was, only could be. Can't see how that would elicit that response from you. Maybe if codemasters would actually respond that would clarify it then I know it is not the first time it has been mentioned but has never had a response.
  3. Previously had to use UDP proxy's, is that still the case?
  4. I can't remember exactly how it works now but how long has this been available for? All I can recall from a couple of years ago is that it was not possible to run both eksimracing or fanatec displays in fanalab in conjunction with shakers running through a dedicated soundcard and amps and simvibe. Did this change with the 2020 version?
  5. It was mentioned that it could be in one of the posts above.
  6. That would be disappointing if it was just based around $$ surely it can't be that difficult to implement if every other PC game in the history of pc games has had mouse support. I guess it goes part way to show how little respect there is for PC players of this series. I guess I will be passing again. Am not really too concerned, am used to it by now and have plenty of other goods sims to pass my time in that do have this support.
  7. Another thing that is lacking is the ability to a send game data to more than one device. I run a display on my steering wheel and shakers on my rig and in prior years of this series I could only ever run one or the other. No other racing game I have played limits the telemetry to just one device. I know there have been external apps that can make this work but why can't it run natively from the game rather than having to use something externally? This and lack of mouse support had killed off my interest in buying the F1 series on a yearly basis, something I have not done for quite
  8. Something that has been lacking in all previous iterations of this series is mouse support, why on earth has it not been implemented for PC users?'it is the only PC based game I have ever played that has no option to navigate menus with a mouse, why? I have not bought many of the last versions of this for two reasons, one of which is no mouse support.
  9. So, are they finally going to implement mouse support? And the ability to actually have my steering wheel display and shakers working at the same time and not choose between using one or the other? If not I will pass on it yet again.
  10. So does F1 2020 finally allow more than 1 telemetry input in UDP? in all previous versions I have not been able to run fanalab and my transducers at the same time.
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