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  1. Scooter8299

    Additions to Custom Liveries?

    It's strange how basic features with custom liveries that we had in previous GRID installments are absent in the latest game, & even with 3 'seasons' of additional content it appears we aren't getting any improvement with this is season 3. Livery features we are missing: - Ability to select custom sponsors. - Ability to save a livery for use on other cars. - Ability to select different paint finishes (gloss, metallic, matte etc) for each colour in a livery. - Ability to change the sponsor layout positioning & style on the car. - Ability to change & paint wheels. We had all these features 8 years ago in GRID 2, is there any good reason we shouldn't have them now?
  2. Scooter8299

    What Tracks Would've You Liked To Have Seen In GAS

    I think Suzuka Circuit would've been great for GAS. 3 routes, well 6 if CM reversed them like they usually do. Could make for some great racing, & would be perfect for the Super GTs.  Also, my V8 Supercar fanboyism is showing here but some V8SC tracks would be awesome,  we have Bathurst but I want among others Phillp Island, Sandown, Pukekohe (especially this being a kiwi) & more. Hell, I want them all...
  3. @Loore‌ so I've finished the 3 touring championships, and while the content was ok I have a few queries. 1.) Why only 12 cars on the track? There's 9 liveries, so there's more than enough teams to run a full 16 car grid. 2.) Why is the 850 Estate labeled as RWD in the menus but is clearly FWD in races? 3.) Why wasn't more garage space provided for this pack? Even with the season pass I can't buy one of these cars as I have used up all of my garage slots. Whoever decided that was a good idea needs to be sacked. All players should at least be able to buy 1 car from each class, & some. 
  4. I presume these would go in Cat A tourers with the Peugeot & the ADC? Anyway, I liked the S60 in GRID 2, & would be happy to see it return.  Also, refering to cars in GRID 2 we want to return, I really want my Mustang Mach 1 back...
  5. Thrilling...more cars I'll never use. *sigh*
  6. Scooter8299

    Freezing at Bathurst...

    Seems like finishing this week's Open-Wheel Racenet event is impossible, as the game will freeze everytime I am heading down Conrod Straight, just as I'm mounting the rise in the track. Shame, because it's the only challenge I possibly could've broken into the top 1%. Anyone else have this issue? PS3 here.
  7. Scooter8299

    Corrupt Save File / Console Patches

    Can confirm patch is here in NZ, fixed my save which is great as I really didn't want to start again. Honestly when I read the early reports last night I was really tired & I thought I was dreaming...
  8. Am I only one who read the thread title & thought this was going to be a bad joke?
  9. Scooter8299

    Liveries for DLC Cars?

    I made a similar thread not too long ago. While I would be pleased with said liveries, obviously there are more pressing matters at hand,  like ooh I don't know, maybe that I can't even drive these cars because my save is corrupted. Appalling that this critcal issue STILL hasn't been rectified.  
  10. Scooter8299

    Just bought PS3-safe to play?

    Well, I play on PS3, just got hit with corrupt save. Had finished career & was lvl 225 online with just under 10 million dollars, no way am I starting again. I wouldn't say it's 'safe' to play PS3 at the moment. I hope this patch fixes my save, I've read that if the corruption is your own doing, say turning off while saving, it won't be fixed. Last night when I went to bed I ejected the disc without first quitting the game. An accident, I digress but I've done this with GT6 numerous times without fault. The game was idling in menus, nothing was loading or saving so I hope this isn't the problem. 
  11. Scooter8299

    AI Discussion and Feedback

    If there was one suggestion for the AI, it would be to eradicate their unrealistic mass. It's annoying how AI cars hardly move if I hit them, but they go straight through me with ease. Other than that, maybe tone down the aggression, & you've got some great AI.
  12. Scooter8299

    An idea for DLC cars

    I know that they aren't a part of career, I accept that but I think a few liveries for each car, like what you did with the SLS Black wouldn't go astray.
  13. Scooter8299

    An idea for DLC cars

    They don't even have cup liveries, just the default colour. Of course, you can create your own liveries online but I'm talking about single player.
  14. Scooter8299

    An idea for DLC cars

    So the second car pack, the 'Coupe Style' DLC has just landed. I was trying out the new cars & all was well & so forth, but I realised that my car, & my teammate's car looked out of place, with just the default colour. I propose a idea not dissimilar to DiRT3's DLC cars; have teams that don't compete in a certain class occupy those cars. Confused? Allow me to explain. Let's take the Hyundai Genesis Coupe as an example. In it's class, (Street-Coupes) only 6 of the 10 teams run cars. K&N, Forge, Cusco & LiquiMoly don't run cars in the coupe class. Using this idea, let's say Forge & Cusco now have the Genesis as an available car. Players will be able to run these team liveries if they wish & the team's AI drivers will run those cars in Custom Cups, & maybe Career. I don't see how this could be difficult to implement. 
  15. Scooter8299

    Garage Slots

    There honestly shouldn't be Garage Slot "DLC" in the first place. The only reason there is a 30 slot limit is to force players to pay up to own those extra cars they may want. The worst part? That even with the extra 5 slots, there's still not enough to own 1 car from each class. What a joke.