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  1. Good news... for me. Sony release a new firmware just at the moment : v6.71. I decide to upgrade and... now I have all the races and cars that I'm supposed to have Don't know why, but it's really strange and not really reassuring for the future... what a firmware give, another one could remove with this Codemasters game... 😕 I don't have a lot of PS4 games, between 10-15 may be, but it's the very first time I have this issue...
  2. Hi, In my case, nothing work. No cars, not even in free play, none of the 3 races (Monté Carlo, Germany & Sweden) in Career mode, and always asking to buy them while it's already done and installed (according to the Store)... I did all the tricks up there, nothing work. The only things I have is the 800.000CR and the Season 2 logo on top right of the main screen, that's all. I have send a mail to support, hoping an answer, if not, 90€ thrown to basket. Fahren7
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